Proper relaxation after sauna bathing

The right rest after the sauna bath

A visit to the sauna regenerates our body and gives it new strength – but only if you also make sure to cool down your body properly after the sauna session. Cold water and fresh air are essential for the relaxation effect after the sauna.

Out of the daily routine, into the sauna

How to enhance the sauna experience

The sauna is healthy and relaxing: It trains the immune system, wards off colds and you look better. In addition, there are a few things you can do to enhance the sauna experience even more. Learn how to enhance the sauna experience here.

With vaginal infection - vaginal fungus in the sauna?

Is it allowed to go to the sauna with vaginal mycosis?

Many women wonder: Is it safe to go to the sauna with vaginal mycosis? Vaginal fungus, medically known as vaginal mycosis, is a common condition, but one that is rarely talked about openly. In this article, based on recent medical studies and expert opinions, we explore the question of whether saunas should be avoided if you have a vaginal fungal infection and what to look out for.

Sauna - recreation for body and soul!

Sauna – what is it?

The term “sauna” comes from Finnish and refers to a special type of bathing. In the country of origin, Finland, this unique form of personal hygiene has enjoyed a good reputation both nationally and internationally for several centuries. In Finland, there are bathhouses on the shores of many lakes and rivers, which have positive effects on human health.

Woman enjoy Surigahama Spa in Ibusuki

Relaxation in the sand sauna

There are a variety of unusual saunas and bathhouses. Below, we would like to introduce you to an exotic type of bath and tell you about the so-called sand sauna. This type of sauna is also very appreciated in medicine. In addition, there is even a special branch of medicine – psammotherapy, or in other words, an application with sand.

Sauna helps detoxify the body

As a smoker in the sauna?

Especially for smokers, the sauna is very suitable. The sauna trains the self-regulation of the body. And at the same time, the sauna helps to detoxify the body. Of course, it is even healthier to quit smoking altogether. However, this is nothing new.

After a sauna session, the ice grotto provides the necessary refreshment

What is an ice grotto?

An ice grotto is a special cold chamber within a sauna facility. The cold air is good for the body after the previous sweat bath. Cooling down with crushed ice is immensely refreshing. You should definitely have tried it.

Adhesive techniques for sauna salt stones

How to glue sauna salt stones?

Relaxation and relaxation are the best gifts for body, mind and soul. Who can switch off particularly effectively with Wellness, does not have to drive kilometers to the next thermal spring. A real spa feeling can also be created in your own home. With a few measures, you can transform the home bathroom into a temple of wellness.

Sauna doors made of glass or wood

Sauna doors open you a world of regeneration and relaxation

A visit to the sauna offers a soothing cleansing for body and mind. This relaxing experience not only strengthens the immune system of visitors, but also brings numerous benefits for the skin. The combination of moisture, heat, and relaxation creates a perfect synergy that not only improves the external appearance, but also enhances the internal well-being. Enjoy the revitalizing power of the sauna and treat yourself to some time out to pamper your body and mind.

Healthy and happy thanks to sauna

Sweat yourself happy

Sauna: Some swear by it, others just shake their heads at the thought of it. And now the statement: Sweating makes you happy! What’s behind it? There is not only this one reason why a visit to the sauna is good for the soul.

Soapstone - an ideal stone for the sauna

What are sauna soapstone steam stones?

Soapstones are ideal for the sauna. The very old natural material, as a soft type of stone, consists mainly of chlorite and talc. Soapstone has very specific material properties, which makes it seem so suitable for the sauna. In addition to excellent heat storage capacity, these steam stones are also extra resistant to high temperatures.

Why epilepsy and sauna use is a hot topic

A hot topic: epilepsy and sauna use – what you should know

Sauna is a popular place to relax, relieve stress and promote health. The heat and sweating can have numerous benefits for the body. Nevertheless, there are certain situations in which caution is required. Such a situation affects people with epilepsy. In this article, we will go into more detail about why people with epilepsy should better avoid sauna visits and what risks may be associated with them.

Sauna sessions - the ideal refreshment on hot summer days

Pure refreshment: sauna sessions bring cooling on hot summer days!

Enjoy the refreshing effect of sauna sessions even on hot summer days! While sauna visits are usually associated with cold winter days, they can actually provide an ideal way to refresh. The heat in the sauna specifically regulates body temperature by stimulating sweating and evaporation of sweat. This creates a pleasant feeling of cooling and well-being. In addition to the refreshing effect, taking a sauna has proven health benefits and serves as a mental relaxation oasis.

Sauna fragrances that enrich your meditative sauna experience

The best sauna fragrances for a meditative sauna experience

Sauna is a place of relaxation and recreation for body and mind. Besides the positive effects on health, it also offers the opportunity to find inner peace and meditate. One way to intensify the meditative experience in the sauna is to use sauna fragrances. In this article, we will introduce you to the best sauna fragrances that will help you immerse yourself in a deep meditative state.

Finnish culture of life

Sweating pleasure in the Löyly sauna

The fact that the Finnish word ″Sauna″ has entered the language of all the world shows where saunas come from and how closely Finland is connected with it. In this context, the word ″Löyly″ has a special meaning. More details in a moment.

What are the sauna customs and traditions?

World sauna customs

World customs and traditions in the sauna vary greatly. Sometimes there are surprising things to discover. We’ll set you straight. So that you don’t embarrass yourself on vacation, we have compiled the most important information for you.

Why cola and sauna can be a dangerous team

Cola and sauna: a dangerous duo for your health?

For many people, the combination of cola and sauna is a way to relax and quench their thirst. But the question arises whether this popular combination may have dangerous effects on health. Is it possible that cola and sauna together can form a risky duo and affect the physical condition? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what effects this combination can have and whether caution is advised.

Sauna relieves facial tension

You have no idea how much strain you put on your face during the day. The causes of facial tension are both physical and psychological. However, tension can be combated in a targeted manner. That is why you should go to the sauna from time to time.

Can you go to the sauna with hair extensions?

With hair extensions in the sauna? How to protect your hair from damage!

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add length and fullness to your hair. Although they can usually be used without any problems, there are certain environments, such as the sauna, where it is necessary to take special precautions to avoid damage to the extensions. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to best protect your hair extensions in the sauna.

Stay fit without effort? - Is that possible?

How fit does sauna really make you?

Can a sauna make you fit? – The answer to this question depends on many factors. In the first place, the heat cabin acts as a wellness oasis. It supports the regular relaxation ritual after swimming or sports.

What is liposuction?

Sauna after liposuction: What you should definitely consider

Are you thinking about liposuction and wondering if you can go to the sauna afterwards? We explain what you should pay attention to in advance to avoid health complications and optimize your result. Learn how to relax healthily and safely in the sauna after liposuction.