How to enhance the sauna experience

The sauna is healthy and relaxing: It trains the immune system, wards off colds and you look better. In addition, there are a few things you can do to enhance the sauna experience even more. Learn how to enhance the sauna experience here.
Out of the daily routine, into the sauna

Sitting and sweating – but there is more!

Saunas are used by many indigenous peoples. Depending on the culture, very different types of sauna have been developed: the sweat lodge among the indigenous peoples, the Turkish hammams and the sweat igloos of the Eskimos. The Finnish sauna is the most popular here: the body is first heated up in the sauna room with hot, dry air and then cooled down with cold air and cold water. But the sauna experience can be enhanced even further.

What effect does the addition of aromatic oils have on the sauna infusion?

The highlight of a sauna session is the infusion, during which water is poured over hot stones. The effect of the infusion can be further enhanced by adding aromatic sauna oils, essences or essential oils. Additives for the sauna infusion are also available ready-made from numerous manufacturers. There are infusions that spread a beautiful fragrance and others that have a relaxing, activating or balancing effect at the same time.

 A look at salt and honey infusions

A salt infusion or honey infusion are particularly beneficial. In a salt infusion, of course, no salt is dumped on the hot stones. It is a salt peeling made of salt and often an aromatic oil. Herewith one rubs the already damp skin. The same applies to the honey infusion: Here the skin is rubbed with warm honey, in which, as is well known, a lot of glucose, proteins, enzymes, amino acids and other good things are contained.

Why is it important to recover with fresh air after the sauna?

After the sauna, it’s time to get out into the fresh air, ideally. The best thing is to rub yourself with ice-cold snow. Since very few of us sauna in a Finnish forest sauna by a lake, a cold water pool also serves this purpose: namely, to cool down the body. This closes the pores of the skin and the veins tighten. Foot bath Alternating baths train the cardiovascular system and prevent infections. A bath in a whirlpool or a lounger with massage jets also do good now and further contribute to relaxation.

How important is it for the body to rest after every sauna session?

You think you are relaxing, but your body is working at full speed all the time: in the sauna. That’s why a rest break after each sauna session is the right thing to do. In the sauna, the heartbeat accelerates, and at the same time the blood vessels dilate so that the blood pressure remains stable. Afterward, in the plunge pool, the blood pressure then rises when the body is exposed to the cold. All this costs the body energy and puts it under stress. Breaks between sauna sessions increase the beneficial effect and you switch to a relaxation mode afterward.

Why is a massage after the sauna particularly recommended?

Up to three sauna sessions of no more than 15 minutes per visit are recommended. Afterward, a massage do you good. The muscles are now really nice and soft, loose and warmed up and a massage unfolds its full effect. Therefore, a massage after the sauna is better and easier to perform than before the sauna. Tip: Book a four-handed partner massage. It is up to you whether you book a classic health or a wellness massage.

How does music influence relaxation in the sauna?

Do you know this? You are sitting in the sauna listening to light music and your body is completely relaxed. It’s almost like a summer vacation at the beach. Hardly anything can relax us as intensively as wellness music or sounds. Depending on the composition, the music has a stimulating or calming effect. If there is no music in your sauna, then headphones or earphones belong in your sauna luggage.


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