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Beneficial effect on muscles and joints

Relaxation and health: the holistic benefits of whirlpools

In our hectic everyday lives, moments of peace and relaxation have become rare. But the solution could be closer than you think: a hot tub in your own home not only offers luxury and comfort, but also proves to be a valuable ally in the fight against stress, physical complaints and sleep problems.

What is ozone and how does it work?

Innovative water treatment in whirlpools: The use of ozone

The purity of the water in a whirlpool is crucial for a healthy and pleasant bathing experience. Innovative whirlpool systems use ozone systems, also known as ozonators, which are an effective and environmentally friendly method of water purification.

What is legionella?

Legionella: The hidden danger in whirlpools

In a world where health and safety awareness is constantly growing, it is imperative to be aware of the risks and protective measures in relation to common hazards such as hot tubs. This article provides a comprehensive insight into the dangers of legionella in hot tubs and presents practical solutions to minimize these risks.

A journey through the world of water relaxation

Jacuzzi, hot tub and whirlpool: discover the differences

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of jacuzzis, hot tubs and whirlpools – symbols of relaxation and luxury. This journey through the history and functions of these water worlds sheds light on their special features and the pleasure they offer.

The history of the hot tub

What is a hot tub? Immerse yourself in relaxation and pleasure

Imagine yourself immersed in warm, bubbling water, surrounded by the peaceful atmosphere of your garden. That is the essence of a hot tub. In this article you will learn what makes hot tubs so special, how they work and why they have become a popular feature in homes around the world.

Bathing in water enriched with salt

What is a brine bath?

There are many people who appreciate a brine bath. A brine bath not only provides well-being, but also has positive effects on the skin, muscles, back and joints. It also has a calming effect on mental and emotional well-being.

The perfect wellness program for at home

How to do wellness at home

Relaxation and well-being are no longer limited to expensive spas. Learn how to enjoy wellness from the comfort of your own home and enrich your everyday life with more peace and mindfulness. Get ready, because an oasis of well-being is waiting for you right on your doorstep!

Balance and bliss: 10 tips for the perfect wellness vacation

10 tips for the perfect wellness vacation: holistic well-being

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation? If you are thrilled by the thought of escaping to a tranquil oasis, surrounded by the embrace of nature and immersed in holistic well-being, then you have come to the right place.

The journey to inner serenity

Wellness for the Soul: A Journey to the Sources of Inner Serenity

How can we find inner serenity and nourish our souls in today’s fast-paced and demanding world? What are the ways and practices that lead to a deep connection with ourselves and a fulfilled life? Let’s explore these questions together and explore ways to strengthen our emotional well-being.

Thai massage for body and mind

Thai massage

Thai massage consists of passive stretching movements, joint mobilization and pressure point massages. The Far Eastern relaxation method is applied intensively to the entire body.

Sound massage for body and mind

Singing bowl massage

Immerse yourself in the magical world of singing bowl massage and learn how this centuries-old technique creates a unique connection between sound, vibration, and relaxation.

What is wellness?

The importance of wellness: Why well-being is important for body and mind

In our fast-paced world, where we are faced with countless obligations and challenges, it often seems impossible to find a moment of rest and relaxation. Nevertheless, the pursuit of holistic well-being is becoming increasingly important. In this article, we explore why wellness is so important and the positive effects it has on our bodies and minds.

What is cellulite?

Can a massager help against cellulite?

Cellulite is something every woman would like to do without. Those pesky dimples and bumps adorn buttocks, abdomen and thighs. And that’s regardless of how old you are or how much weight you weigh on the scales. Because the so-called orange peel skin can affect any woman who has a weakened connective tissue. Can a massager against cellulite help here?

Whirlpool: Wellness oasis for outdoors

An outdoor hot tub is more than just a source of relaxation – it transforms your outdoor space into a true wellness oasis. With its ability to combine warm water and bubbling massage jets, a hot tub offers a variety of health and emotional benefits. Whether used as a retreat after a long day at work or as a gathering place for social evenings with friends and family, an outdoor hot tub promises luxury, comfort and relaxation in the midst of nature.

Ayurveda the Indian medicine

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is a 5000 year old healing art that pampers the body, mind and spirit. It activates self-regulatory forces, promotes relaxation and provides wellness for the senses. The massage relieves tension, nourishes the skin and brings deep well-being. Trust in the masseur and prior arrangements are important to enjoy the massage in the best possible way.

Sauna relieves facial tension

You have no idea how much strain you put on your face during the day. The causes of facial tension are both physical and psychological. However, tension can be combated in a targeted manner. That is why you should go to the sauna from time to time.

The best massages for body and mind

Massages for body and mind

A soulful massage is truly a pleasure and offers many health benefits for the body and mind. We have taken a closer look at the most popular types of massages.

What is a Lulur massage?

Lulur massage – care mask against wrinkles

Lulur massage is a wonderful way to give your skin a little care and protect it from wrinkles. It is a simple but effective mask that will help you make your skin look firmer and more youthful. Learn everything you need to know about the Lulur massage and nourishing mask in this article. Let’s go!

Japanese practices for body and mind: nutrition, onsen and ikebana

This is how the Japanese do wellness

The Japanese are known for their longevity, beauty and health. The secret of their well-being and vitality lies in their lifestyle, which is based on the concept of well-being. From diet to physical activities to relaxation techniques, the Japanese have many practices that help them live healthy and happy lives.

What is sauna yoga?

How to start with sauna yoga?

Sauna yoga is a distinctive wellness experience that has a positive impact on health, provides relaxation and stress relief, and is a great way to start the new year.

Enjoy magical moments

What does sauna have to do with magic?

Magic stands for a secret art that achieves a result with the help of “supernatural” powers. However, this is an abstract expression. Philosophers, on the other hand, associate magic with religion, mythology and esotericism.

Five relaxing care tips for the skin

Proper skin care can also be relaxing

The sauna has many benefits for the skin. It is one of the oldest beauty rituals to cleanse and purify them. Not only is it a very nice way to relax after a long day, but it also stimulates microcirculation and opens pores to eliminate impurities for clear skin. And this wellness ritual is suitable for all skin types and should be used once or twice a week.

What is conscious breathing?

Conscious breathing is a form of meditation

Meditation can also be practiced through conscious breathing exercises. This practice of conscious breathing will help you center yourself, improve your ability to concentrate, and calm your hectic thoughts. You can practice these breathing exercises just about anywhere and at any time of the day. Even experienced meditators often begin their meditation by focusing their attention on their breathing. In this way, one experiences a state of inner peace.

From the salt mine to the "sauna

Halotherapy: healthy breathing in the sauna

Thanks to the integration of a salt wall in their home sauna, you can enjoy the benefits of the sea air at home. The presence of a salt wall in a sauna makes it possible to multiply the therapeutic effect and combine the benefits of sauna with those of halotherapy. But the use of such a wall has other advantages.

Argan oil: A natural care product for hair, skin and face

As one of the most sought-after cosmetic ingredients, argan oil has quickly gained popularity. The first applications of argan oil, known for its beauty-enhancing properties, can be traced back to its native Morocco. Argan oil is used for a wide variety of applications, from moisturizing the skin to strengthening hair and nails.

Where does reflexology come from?

Foot reflexology for troubled feet

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that has been used in Asia for thousands of years. Reflexology is mainly used to combat stress, tension and muscle pain. And these are just a few of the many benefits that speak for a foot reflexology massage.

Steam sauna - The effect on body and mind

Steam sauna: people under steam and its effect

A conventional sauna such as a Finnish sauna is quite strenuous for the body and not particularly pleasant for some. An alternative to such a sauna is the steam sauna. The steam sauna is mild and very relaxing. In this article you will learn what speaks for a steam sauna.

Coffee peeling for a radiant complexion

Make coffee scrub yourself

Coffee not only tastes good, it’s also great for exfoliation. Coffee grounds contain many nourishing properties for the skin. We tell you how you can easily make a coffee scrub yourself.

Cellulite and how to fight it

Natural and simple skin care with sea salt scrub

About 90% of all women worldwide suffer from cellulite. And many probably wonder several times in life how to get rid of unsightly orange peel skin. We have a simple but effective recipe for success. Against cellulite helps a sea salt scrub. Also we tell you how to make a scrub yourself.

Brine bath – benefit for skin and health

Brine baths are for many people a high pleasure of feelings. Because here you can feel the weightlessness that everyone talks about who has ever been to the Dead Sea. A stay in the mineral-rich brine water strengthens our immune system and can prevent allergies.

Meditation infusion with Tibetan singing bowls

What is a meditation infusion?

Meditation infusions help you relax, recover and regenerate your entire body-mind system. The sound frequencies are healing and beneficial for body, mind and soul.

Wellness moments for winter skin

Wellness for the stressed winter skin

Especially the icy winter air is a particular burden for the skin. Brittle, dry or even cracked skin needs extra care in winter. What can be done about it?

Lulur massage - beauty massage against wrinkles

Lulur massage – What is it?

A traditional ritual thousands of years old finds its way into today’s wellness with the Lulur massage. The application includes several steps. First, there is a massage with nourishing oils, followed by exfoliation. This is followed by a nourishing mask and finally, as a crowning finale, a fragrant flower bath. In this way, the Lulur massage is a benefit for body and mind. It provides the skin with nutrients, promotes beauty, relaxes and helps relieve stress.

Sauna wellness for body and soul

Combine sauna with relaxation music and meditation

Meditation is about the body and consciousness. This starts with a higher awareness of the body. Meditation is calming and based on our inner rhythm to help us relax. This can also be combined very well with a sauna session.

Going to the sauna and why your skin is happy about it

Sauna: beauty program for the skin

The heat in the sauna promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Since the skin in particular benefits from this, the result is not only noticeable but also discernible in the long term. So it is not surprising that the sauna makes the skin look fresher and rosier.

Sauna is body care in a natural way

The natural way: body care through saunas

The terms sweat and beauty combined in one sentence are for most people actually just a rough description for particularly strenuous sport. You can already do a lot for your body care by just sitting on a towel regularly. We admit that sounds a bit trite. But it’s actually true: regular saunas are like an appointment with the beautician! You don’t believe that? Then you should read the following text carefully.

11 anti-stress massage techniques

A soulful massage is truly a pleasure and offers many health benefits for the body and mind. We have taken a closer look at the most popular types of massage.

What to do for dry and rough skin?

Does sauna help against rough skin?

A touch of warmth, the scent of wood and the pleasant feeling on the skin – the sauna has been a place of relaxation and recreation for centuries. But in addition to relieving stress and promoting blood circulation, the question also arises: can the sauna also help against rough skin?