Sauna guide

Sauna guide for the sauna fan. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sauna. To simply let the stressful day end within your own four walls. Many sauna fans are thinking about buying their own sauna. We from the Saunazeit team would like to help you with words and deeds and give here helpful tips for the private sauna user.
Sauna keeps healthy
Regular saunas work wonders, and our immune system is revitalized. Our mental well-being is increased and colds decrease. Having your own sauna pays for itself quickly with regular use.
Which sauna suits me?
But which sauna should it be now? On the market there are countless variants and models. Should it be the Finnish sauna or the infrared sauna. What is the optimal sauna size and what do I need for sauna accessories. You can find out all about it here at Saunazeit Magazine. We will provide more sauna tips for you here at regular intervals. Please drop by again – we are looking forward to your visit.

Sweating is hard work for the body

How many sauna sessions are healthy?

Especially in the wet and cold season, the sauna is very healthy for our general well-being. Your physical constitution is one of the factors that determines the right number of sauna visits. But how many sauna sessions are healthy? If you are also asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place.

Naturally drive away mice and rats in the garden sauna

Protect garden sauna from mice and rats

Numerous sauna lovers set up a sauna in their own backyard. However, sometimes it must be protected from rodents such as mice and rats. We have compiled some interesting information on this.

Important considerations when buying a garden sauna

The most important criteria for buying a garden sauna

Do you dream of relaxing moments in your own garden sauna? However, when choosing the perfect sauna for you, there are many factors to consider. In the following article we will give you valuable tips so that you can choose your garden sauna according to your wishes and needs and enjoy many relaxing hours.

The sauna hat - a long Russian tradition

Sauna hat and sauna cap to protect from the sauna heat

The sauna hat is believed to have originated in Russia. Because the so-called Russian banya is much hotter than the traditional Finnish sauna. It is also known as sauna hat or felt hat. But what good is such a cap in a hot sauna?

Sauna oils for sauna infusion and their effects

Which sauna oils can be used as sauna infusion?

When choosing the aroma additive for the sauna infusion, you have many different options. Aroma blends of pure essential oils are considered the best sauna infusions. So you can be sure that you are doing something healthy for your body and mind. Which sauna fragrance you choose is entirely up to you.