Sauna etiquette: Naked or covered in the sauna?

How to behave properly in the sauna? What to consider when visiting the sauna for the first time? Here you will find valuable tips and rules of conduct so that you can enjoy the sauna visit completely relaxed.
Naked or not? Etiquette and hygiene in the sauna

Naked or not? Etiquette and hygiene in the sauna!

When planning your next sauna visit, it is best to avoid onions and garlic the day before. These foods can cause unpleasant odors. During the sauna visit, the stomach should be neither full nor completely empty. Both can lead to circulatory problems. Preparation also includes packing the sauna bag. It should contain two towels, a bathrobe, slippers, and water.

Only go to the sauna in good health

Avoid visiting the sauna if you feel ill or ill. You do not want to infect the other guests there. In addition, a visit to the sauna can be too strenuous for the circulation if you are ill. If you have inflammation, thrombosis, varicose veins or open wounds, you should also postpone your sauna visit. People with cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor beforehand.

Hygiene: Always shower before entering the sauna

You should take a brief shower before entering the sauna. This not only removes sweat and dirt, but also cosmetic residues, for example. These can clog the pores. Do not use perfumes, strongly scented shampoos or deodorants before visiting the sauna, so that other guests do not feel disturbed by strong odors. Taking a shower after a sauna should also be a matter of course.

Naked or covered in the sweat cabin?

Different countries have different sauna etiquette. In Germany, the rule is to go to the sauna naked, without bathing suits or slippers. On the one hand, swimwear would prevent evaporation and cooling of the body, and on the other hand, clothing is considered unhygienic by some sauna guests.

On the other hand, a towel to lie under should not be missing. Sit on your towel while taking a sauna to avoid leaving sweat on the sauna benches. You can then use the second towel in your sauna bag for showering.

Courtesy, respect, and consideration for other sauna guests

To prevent too much heat from escaping, enter the sauna briskly and close the door quickly behind you. You should greet the other sauna guests quietly and in a friendly manner, and then find a seat. Do not disturb the other guests by talking or laughing while they are relaxing. Striking patterns or staring is also a gross violation of sauna etiquette. If you visit the sauna with your partner, avoid displays of affection there.

Of course, it may happen that you meet someone you know in the sauna. Friends, colleagues, or maybe even your in-laws or boss. This is understandably uncomfortable for many people, but you should still not ignore your acquaintances. Instead, greet the acquaintance politely. A little tip: If you sit on the same side after greeting them, you can avoid direct eye contact.

The right distance between you and your sauna neighbor

Don’t crowd the other guests too much. Sauna etiquette says that the distance to the other guests should be about 30 centimeters. That’s about a forearm’s length. Of course, it also depends on how crowded the sauna is when you enter it. If the sauna is almost empty, even the 30 centimeters would seem strange and too close. If the sauna is full, then wait until one of the guests leaves it. However, avoid opening the door every five minutes to check or keep looking through the window of the door.


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