Interesting facts about the sauna

In our guide you will of course also find sauna worth knowing. Because saunas have long been more than just simple wooden huts with cozy warmth. There are great differences in temperature, effect and benefit. We want to provide you with as comprehensive an overview as possible and have written a number of articles for you on sauna facts. A work that is far from finished. After all, development never stops – and neither does our research.

Safe in the sauna with a herniated disc - your comprehensive guide

Can I go to the sauna with a slipped disc?

A sore back, limited mobility and the constant awareness that every step could be uncomfortable – a herniated disc is truly no light burden. If you too are struggling through everyday life and looking for small relief, this article could be a ray of hope for you.

Effects and considerations of sauna for diabetics

Sauna visits in diabetics: a balancing act between benefits and risks

Sauna – a place of relaxation and warmth, which can bring not only a sense of well-being, but also various health benefits. For people with diabetes, a sauna visit can have both positive and negative effects. In this article, we highlight the benefits, risks and precautions diabetics should consider when visiting the sauna.

Why should I cool down after the sauna bath?

Cool down properly after the sauna session

For the actual sauna session, many people take all the time in the world. But they forget about cooling or give this important part only a few minutes. Thereby, a comprehensive sauna session consists of several phases. The reason: only with sufficient cooling of fresh air and cold water you achieve a health-promoting effect.

In these countries nudity is not desired

In these countries nude sauna is forbidden

In Germany’s saunas, bare skin is the most natural thing in the world. For hygienic reasons, swimming trunks and bikinis are prohibited in this country. “Other countries other customs”. In some countries, naked saunas are even frowned upon. Here you should in any case observe the typical sauna rules of the country.

Sauna: health benefits, frequency and possible risks

Can sauna make you sick?

What a question. After all, we all know that the hot pleasure is very healthy. After all, the alternation between heat and cold regulates blood pressure, the immune system is strengthened, venous disorders are alleviated and even fitness improves through regular sweating. All of that is true, too.

Textile-free sauna: An interplay of tradition, health and etiquette

Naked in the sauna

In Germany, we are among the world champions in saunas. But what are the rules in public saunas? Is it obligatory to be naked in the sauna or can I cover myself with a towel. In the sauna there are rules and unwritten laws, we clarify.

A danarium is a sauna variant that is easy on the circulation

What is a Danarium?

In the world of saunas and steam baths, the Danarium occupies a special place. It combines the advantages of traditional saunas with those of steam baths, offering a unique experience for body and mind.

What is allowed despite sick leave?

Can I go to the sauna despite being on sick leave?

As a general rule, employees on sick leave must engage in healthful behavior. What this means in practice varies from case to case. To get better faster, exercise or a visit to the sauna can also definitely help.

With vaginal infection - vaginal fungus in the sauna?

Is it allowed to go to the sauna with vaginal mycosis?

Many women wonder: Is it safe to go to the sauna with vaginal mycosis? Vaginal fungus, medically known as vaginal mycosis, is a common condition, but one that is rarely talked about openly. In this article, based on recent medical studies and expert opinions, we explore the question of whether saunas should be avoided if you have a vaginal fungal infection and what to look out for.

Sauna culture in Italy - Covered and revealing at the same time

Sauna culture in Italy

Who doesn’t think of amore, hot-blooded men and open-hearted beauties when they think of Italy? That may all be true, too. As far as sauna manners go, though, it’s “don’t go without, please.”

Sauna culture in the USA: Prudish approach to nudity

Sauna culture in the USA

Do not undress! This phrase aptly sums up sauna culture in the US. Although almost every new trend comes from the land of opportunity, nudity is one of those things.

Why don't the French go to the sauna naked?

Sauna culture in France

The shame of the Grande Nation. Those who expect freedom of movement in the saunas of France are mistaken. Nothing works here without swimwear. And it should additionally be high necked. So the ladies please in a swimsuit and the men choose a not too skimpy swimsuit. Where does that come from?

Stone sauna - hot stones, cold water

What is a stone sauna?

Hot stones, cold water – this mixture makes wellness dreams. Stone sauna is a variant to enjoy gentle heat and high humidity.

Pioneer of the sauna comes from Mongolia

Sauna culture in China

Our sauna culture in Germany is not much different from that of the Swiss or Austrians. The situation in China, on the other hand, is quite different.

Mild sauna with sea climate

“Himalaya” salt sauna

Natural salt has neutralizing properties and have a positive effect on respiratory tract and other organs of the stressed body. The salt from Pakistan has many beneficial properties for health and beauty. That is why we have dedicated a separate article to the pink-orange gold.

The peculiarities of the Swedish sauna culture

Sauna culture in Sweden

In Germany we appreciate the mixed sauna culture, but what about in Sweden? In Sweden, people sweat both naked and sometimes with a towel – but always separated by gender. We have compiled some great facts for you.

Stress relief in the sauna

Sauna against stress

Sweating in the sauna is a healthy thing. The alternating stimulus between hot and dry sauna air means pure stress for the body. But it is a positive stress for our body and soul.

Finns love and care for their sauna

Sauna culture in Finland

The Finns can’t get enough of it: the Finns and their sauna. Everyone uses it for personal hygiene, for political diplomacy, for relaxation or, in some cases, for business meetings.

Sauna - recreation for body and soul!

Sauna – what is it?

The term “sauna” comes from Finnish and refers to a special type of bathing. In the country of origin, Finland, this unique form of personal hygiene has enjoyed a good reputation both nationally and internationally for several centuries. In Finland, there are bathhouses on the shores of many lakes and rivers, which have positive effects on human health.

Sauna culture in Germany

If you judge it by the number of visitors, the real sauna world champions are the Germans. In this country, 30 million Germans regularly go to the sauna to sweat.

What is a salt vaporizer for sauna

What is a salt vaporizer for the sauna?

A salt vaporizer is an evaporator system that gently distributes steam enriched with salt, minerals and trace elements in the sauna. Since the operation is simple, you can easily retrofit your sweat cabin with this innovative device. So bring a healthy sea breeze to your home whenever you want.

Woman enjoy Surigahama Spa in Ibusuki

Relaxation in the sand sauna

There are a variety of unusual saunas and bathhouses. Below, we would like to introduce you to an exotic type of bath and tell you about the so-called sand sauna. This type of sauna is also very appreciated in medicine. In addition, there is even a special branch of medicine – psammotherapy, or in other words, an application with sand.

Rules of etiquette for the sauna

No-Gos in the sauna

Some things are explicitly forbidden in the sauna. Others are no-goes that are better left out for the sake of fairness and consideration for other sauna visitors. You can find out what they are here in this article.

How to improve the air quality in your home sauna and relaxation room

How to improve the air quality in your home sauna and relaxation room

Good air quality is crucial for healthy sauna bathing. Ninety percent of the time, the quality of the air we breathe is crucial to our overall well-being. There are numerous factors that can quickly ruin the enjoyment of the sauna. Therefore, it is important to make informed decisions to improve the air quality in the sauna or relaxation room.

Interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan

Interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan

More and more people appreciate the pink crystal salt from Pakistan, which is also better known as ″Himalayan salt″. Many swear by the pink salt when seasoning food, others use it as a healing and wellness remedy. Interesting and interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan you will learn in the following article.

The wellness program for the skin

The right skin care after the sauna

Sauna-goers provide their skin with an extra portion of moisture while taking a sauna. However, numerous wellness devotees ask themselves how they should care for their skin after an extensive sauna bath.

Oak broom for a bath on wooden surface

Making the perfect sauna broom

Sauna brooms are made from different types of wood, the most popular among them is birch. In Finland this is called Vihta and in Russia Venik. Such a sauna broom massages the body and gives it health, vitality and well-being.

What happens in the body when we sweat in the sauna?

Sweating in the sauna – what happens to the body?

As a regular visitor to our website, you already know that sweating in the sauna has many health benefits. But what actually happens to our body when we sweat in the sauna? You will learn this and much more in the next sections.

Is a visit to the hamam also suitable for asthmatics?

Can you go to the hammam with asthma?

It is well known that the Turkish hammam has a medicinal effect on the human body. Heat and humidity based therapies with steam baths or hammams have a seemingly effective effect and have been used as therapy by various cultures for hundreds of years.

Interesting facts about the Finnish sauna

The advantages of a Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to regenerate your body and relax your mind. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the ancient panacea, from its benefits to contraindications.

Which is the best flooring for the sauna area

Which flooring is right for the sauna area?

If you are planning to buy a home sauna, you also need to think about the right flooring for the sauna area. Below you will learn which floor coverings are suitable for the sauna area and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of regular sauna

Sweating for health and well-being

Sweating through physical exertion or in the sauna increases blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system. In a study of regular sauna users, researchers found that those who had the most weekly sauna sessions were least likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Sauna helps detoxify the body

As a smoker in the sauna?

Especially for smokers, the sauna is very suitable. The sauna trains the self-regulation of the body. And at the same time, the sauna helps to detoxify the body. Of course, it is even healthier to quit smoking altogether. However, this is nothing new.

Brine nebulizer provides relief for neurodermatitis

Salt brine nebulizer for sauna

A stay by the sea is not only good for the soul, but also for the respiratory system. Especially people with respiratory problems benefit from this. With a brine-salt vaporizer, you can also experience the positive effect of salty air in your sauna. Thereby, the intensive salt content in the air corresponds to that on the seashore and is a beneficial support for your skin as well as for the respiratory tract.

Completely relaxed sweating

Sauna can be so relaxing

According to the “Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V.” (German Sauna Association), around 30 million Germans now regularly go to the sauna. Sweating not only supports the immune system, but also the soul. We explain why taking a sauna can be so relaxing.

Sauna visits increase your brain power

Sweat yourself smart

What many fans have only suspected for years has now been proven with the studies. The cozy warmth has two positive effects on your brain. Regular sweating keeps us mentally and physically fit.

Can I go to the sauna as a cancer patient?

Sauna against cancer

Many use the sauna to prevent cancer. Even for cancer patients, sauna bathing is usually not a problem. Provided that you take into account a few points …

Oxygen sauna - relaxation and regeneration for body and soul

What is an oxygen sauna?

Ever heard of an oxygen sauna? It helps against exhaustion and many other ailments. What this special form of sauna is all about, you can find out here.

Interesting facts about sauna menthol crystals and their effect

Menthol crystals for sauna

Menthol crystals are used for infusions in the sauna. They make sauna a unique experience – both for sauna novices and sauna professionals. What’s the deal with this flavoring? How is an infusion with the sauna ice crystals performed? And what effect does menthol have on humans?

After a sauna session, the ice grotto provides the necessary refreshment

What is an ice grotto?

An ice grotto is a special cold chamber within a sauna facility. The cold air is good for the body after the previous sweat bath. Cooling down with crushed ice is immensely refreshing. You should definitely have tried it.

Wellness with salt for skin and health

Wellness with salt

Salty air heals, beautifies, detoxifies and energizes. The use of salt for healing and anti-inflammatory purposes was already known in ancient Egypt. Numerous research results also confirm the beneficial effects of salt application inside and outside our body.