What is a Danarium?

In the world of saunas and steam baths, the Danarium occupies a special place. It combines the advantages of traditional saunas with those of steam baths, offering a unique experience for body and mind.
A danarium is a sauna variant that is easy on the circulation

The Danarium: A Central Element of Roman Bathing Culture

  • The danarium, a special room in Roman baths, was the place for steam baths and deep body cleansing.
  • The unique combination of heat and high humidity contributed significantly to health promotion.
  • It established itself as the centerpiece of ancient Roman wellness culture.

Gentle heat with profound benefits

The Danarium stands out as a special type of sauna that offers users a gentle yet effective wellness experience. While conventional saunas often reach temperatures of over 80 degrees (176 °F), the Danarium always stays below the 65-degree (149 °F) mark. This mild climate is especially beneficial for those who prefer gentler heat, whether due to sensitivities, health concerns or simply personal preference.

For those with cardiovascular conditions, the Danarium is a safe alternative where they can enjoy the benefits of a sauna without putting their health at risk. But for everyone else, this form of sauna offers a relaxing break from everyday life without compromising on health benefits.

The warm but not overheated air in the Danarium promotes blood circulation, which in turn stimulates metabolism and contributes to overall vitality. This increased metabolism can help increase overall well-being and revitalize the body. In addition, the gentle heat of the Danarium helps to relieve tension and calm the mind, resulting in deep relaxation and recuperation.

A unique climate for the respiratory system

The Danarium represents a unique feature in the world of wellness facilities, especially when it comes to respiratory care and health. Unlike the dense steam clouds that prevail in conventional steam baths, the Danarium relies on a humid but clearly visible environment. With a humidity of around 60 percent, it creates an atmosphere that is both refreshing and therapeutic.

This high humidity, combined with the gentle warmth of the Danarium, helps to moisturize the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract. This can be particularly beneficial, especially in dry climates or during the cold winter months when the respiratory tract is often irritated by dry heating air. The Danarium’s humid climate helps loosen stuck mucus and support the bronchial tubes’ natural cleansing mechanisms.

In addition, regular use of the Danarium can help reduce the risk of respiratory illness. The moist air has a calming effect on inflamed or irritated airways and can counteract symptoms such as coughing, hoarseness or shortness of breath. In addition, breathing in the warm, moist air can help promote blood flow to the lungs and strengthen the immune system.

A multisensory experience with a light shower

The Danarium goes beyond the traditional benefits of a sauna to offer a holistic experience that appeals to all the senses. One of the outstanding features is the innovative light shower. By using specially designed light spectra, the light shower can influence the mood and well-being of visitors. Depending on the color and intensity selected, the light can evoke calming feelings of relaxation and tranquility or have invigorating and energizing effects. This play of light and color can help clear the mind, relieve stress and increase overall well-being.

In addition to the light shower, the multisensory experience is enhanced by the use of essential oils. These natural essences are released into the room, filling it with fragrant aromas that can be soothing or invigorating, depending on your choice. The combination of light and scent creates an atmosphere that nourishes both the body and the mind.

To round out the experience, gentle infusions are occasionally offered in the Danarium. Unlike traditional sauna infusions, which often involve vigorous wafting, these infusions in the Danarium are more subtle and gentle. They serve to intensify the aromatic experience and promote even deeper relaxation.


The Danarium offers a comprehensive wellness experience suitable for both sauna novices and experienced sauna-goers. It combines the best aspects of saunas and steam baths to provide an experience that is both relaxing and health-promoting.


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