Does a sauna affect fertility?

Sauna visits can reduce sperm count

Sauna visits may be beneficial for the circulation, but not necessarily for increasing sperm count. According to a recent study, men’s sperm production may be temporarily affected by frequent sauna visits.

The principle of the bio sauna

The bio sauna: a gentle experience for health and relaxation

In today’s hectic world, it is a real gift to treat yourself to moments of peace and quiet. The bio sauna offers a gentle and soothing oasis of relaxation. This modern form of sauna is a pleasant alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna and offers a combination of mild heat and increased humidity, ideal for a gentle revitalization of body and mind.

The effect of the sauna on the circulation

Sauna: A hot affair for your circulation

Sauna is a place of relaxation and regeneration for many people. But did you know that it can also have a positive effect on your circulation? In this article, we’ll go into more detail on this topic and show you how to get your circulation going in the sauna.

Avoidance of skin irritations during sauna visits

Why does the skin burn in the sauna?

Sauna visits are a beneficial experience for body and mind. Still, it can be uncomfortable for some when the skin starts to burn. Why is this and how can it be avoided? In this article, we will go into more detail about this issue and present simple steps to avoid burning the skin in the sauna.

Why sauna is healthy even in summer

Sauna in summer

Sweating allowed – even in summer. Summer sauna is becoming increasingly popular and is also healthy. So if you want to strengthen your immune system, you should take a sauna at any time of the year. For a freshness kick in the summer provides the dry heat in the sauna and physical rest and mental relaxation.