Sauna in summer

Sweating allowed - even in summer. Summer sauna is becoming increasingly popular and is also healthy. So if you want to strengthen your immune system, you should take a sauna at any time of the year. For a freshness kick in the summer provides the dry heat in the sauna and physical rest and mental relaxation.
Why sauna is healthy even in summer

Why sauna is healthy even in summer

Sauna in summer! Why should we actually only enjoy it in winter? A visit to the sauna is also a wonderful thing in summer. Sure, we all sweat enough in the warm season. But it’s a different kind of sweating. No one really gets out of their hot car relaxed.

In the sauna, we are enveloped by a pleasant warmth, it smells wonderfully of fresh fruit and afterward we are wonderfully relaxed. By the way, even the sheikhs of Dubai build saunas in their palaces.

Exercising the immune system – even in summer

But it’s not just nice and relaxing to take a sauna in the summer. It is – as in every season – also healthy. This is mainly because all the positive effects only occur when saunas are taken regularly. And that includes the hot season. For example, if you want to train your immune system by taking a sauna, you should enjoy a bath every ten days. Our body knows no exception. Also the excuse that one bathes in August anyway constantly in sweat does not count at this point. What counts for our health is the change between heat and cold – and we only experience this in the sauna. In this respect, the sauna is also useful in the summer – and above all important.

Positive effects – sweating against heat

In the hot season, however, sauna sessions have another positive effect: we sweat against the heat. That reads on the first time perhaps a little strangely. If one thinks more exactly about it, it has however quite its sense. Or have you ever seen a desert dweller really sweat? The body can be accustomed to many things – and this accustoming leads to the fact that it can adjust to different conditions better. It’s the same with heat. Those who regularly expose themselves to temperatures of 60 degrees and more – even in the summer – are better able to cope with hot climates.

Our circulation tip

The sauna session can also be somewhat shorter on hot days. As always, what is allowed is what is good for you. The body is already heated up in July and August. At this point, a few more tips for a healthy sauna session during the warm season: First, you should not enjoy iced drinks. There may be still so tempting. But the body would need a lot of energy to process the ice-cold liquid. Rather enjoy a little lukewarm tea after the sauna session. In this way, the organism gets the lost fluid back quickly without having to exert itself.

By the way, you should drink at least two liters of fluid during an extended sauna day. In addition, you should not go directly back into the sun after cooling down, but rather rest a little in the shade. The sun would heat up the body again too quickly. This is not good for the circulation.


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