Soft skin through regular sauna sessions

Beautiful, soft and rosy skin. What woman does not dream of. To achieve them, creams, peels and masks are applied. So much care goes quite into the money and costs time. In addition, not every product delivers what it promises. The consequence: make-up and concealer are as much a part of many women's morning routine as the toothbrush. But that doesn't have to be the case.
Sweating for a beautiful skin

Sweating for beautiful skin

Soft skin through regular sauna sessions. There is a very simple beauty secret that does not cost much and at the same time also keeps the whole body healthy: the sauna. In fact, heat and sweat are an ingenious combination that also helps you with your skin care. We’ll tell you how to get the most out of it for your complexion.

Natural detox

Even the thought of a bath in the pleasant warmth is relaxing. Especially now, in the cold season, many swear by the heat. But even in summer, going to the sauna can’t hurt, because it cleanses the skin. Yes, you have read correctly. The effect is very simple. As soon as you take a sauna, you will also sweat. The sweat simply flushes sebum and other impurities out of your pores. You can compare this roughly to a thorough peeling. In addition, excess minerals and toxins are flushed out. The result is impressive: a radiant, rosy complexion.

But that’s not all the sauna can do for you in terms of beauty. The alternation between heat and cold also gets your circulation going. This makes your cheeks look wonderfully rosy. You can safely do without rouge in the coming days.

What you need to bear in mind

If you want to make the most of a sauna visit for your skin, you have to grit your teeth sometimes. In order to get your circulation going, you need to cool down after a bath in the heat. The colder the water, the greater the effect. But don’t worry: it sounds more unpleasant than it is. After the sweat bath, the cold water is quite pleasant.

Reasons why a sauna bath is so good for the skin:

  • The heat increases blood circulation and makes the skin appear rosier and firmer.
  • Pores open up, allowing excess talc and impurities, as well as dead skin cells and calluses, to drain away, resulting in a cleaner, more even complexion over time.
  • Toxins and excess minerals, such as sodium chloride, are eliminated from the body through the skin.
  • The absorption of nutrients and oxygen is faster and more effective, accelerating cell regeneration.
  • After the sauna session, a cold shower tightens the pores again.
  • The structure of the skin is improved and smoothed. In addition, the cold water ensures that the skin absorbs more moisture and stores it, for example, in the horny layer, which prevents the skin from drying out.
  • Regular sauna sessions help to strengthen the immune system. For the skin, this means that the acid mantle is strengthened and bacteria, fungi and viruses have a harder time penetrating the skin.
  • Sauna sessions also have a positive effect on psychological well-being.
  • The sauna session has a calming effect on the mind. One feels more relaxed, can sleep better, and even chronic pain can be alleviated.
  • Muscle tension and cramps are also relieved by the heat.

Care for the skin

If you want to apply cream after the sauna bath, you should pay attention to the proper care of the skin. The skin should only be creamed when you are no longer sweating, about 30 minutes later. An extra tip for particularly rosy and delicate skin: apply a peeling before going to the sauna. This way, the pollutants are already dissolved and can be rinsed out more easily later. Rich creams, facial oils or serums that moisturize the skin provide optimal support. Another advantage is that the products penetrate better into the skin layers due to the opened pores. There they unfold their optimal effect. An extra portion of care therefore has a positive effect on the skin.


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