Naked in the sauna - unwritten laws in the sauna.

Naked in the sauna

In Germany, we are among the world champions in saunas. But what are the rules in public saunas? Is it obligatory to be naked in the sauna or can I cover myself with a towel. In the sauna there are rules and unwritten laws, we clarify.

With vaginal infection - vaginal fungus in the sauna?

Is it allowed to go to the sauna with vaginal mycosis?

Many women wonder: Is it safe to go to the sauna with vaginal mycosis? Vaginal fungus, medically known as vaginal mycosis, is a common condition, but one that is rarely talked about openly. In this article, based on recent medical studies and expert opinions, we explore the question of whether saunas should be avoided if you have a vaginal fungal infection and what to look out for.

The positive effects of the sauna

Healthy through the winter: Practical tips for body and soul

During the cold season, our health and well-being are particularly challenged. So how can we best prepare for winter to stay fit and vital? In addition to proven methods such as sauna sessions and alternating showers, there are other measures that can support us. But what are they and how can we best integrate them into our daily lives?

Why don't the French go to the sauna naked?

Sauna culture in France

The shame of the Grande Nation. Those who expect freedom of movement in the saunas of France are mistaken. Nothing works here without swimwear. And it should additionally be high necked. So the ladies please in a swimsuit and the men choose a not too skimpy swimsuit. Where does that come from?

Warmth of the soul in autumn: sauna moments of reflection and renewal

Autumn sauna moments: an inner journey

Autumn is more than just a season of change in nature; it is an invitation to listen within ourselves and discover the echoes of our innermost thoughts and feelings. When the leaves are falling and the world is dressed in warm colors, the sauna offers a spiritual space where we can connect with our inner essence and free ourselves from everything that is no longer of use to us. Let’s go on this journey of self-discovery and renewal together.

Sauna - recreation for body and soul!

Sauna – what is it?

The term “sauna” comes from Finnish and refers to a special type of bathing. In the country of origin, Finland, this unique form of personal hygiene has enjoyed a good reputation both nationally and internationally for several centuries. In Finland, there are bathhouses on the shores of many lakes and rivers, which have positive effects on human health.

What is a salt vaporizer for sauna

What is a salt vaporizer for the sauna?

A salt vaporizer is an evaporator system that gently distributes steam enriched with salt, minerals and trace elements in the sauna. Since the operation is simple, you can easily retrofit your sweat cabin with this innovative device. So bring a healthy sea breeze to your home whenever you want.

Rules of etiquette for the sauna

No-Gos in the sauna

Some things are explicitly forbidden in the sauna. Others are no-goes that are better left out for the sake of fairness and consideration for other sauna visitors. You can find out what they are here in this article.

What are the requirements for sauna speakers?

Sauna speakers for retrofitting

Relaxing in the sauna is simply wonderful. It becomes even more beautiful with music. It helps you to switch off completely. But how do the gentle sounds get into the sauna at home?

The right insulation material for the sauna

Regardless of which model of sauna you choose, it is important to have reliable thermal insulation. But what distinguishes such a sauna insulation? In what way can the heat storage capacity be increased? And what is the importance of individual factors such as wall thickness and material.

Our sauna towels purchase recommendation

The best cotton sauna towels

If you like sauna, you also need a good towel. Why? You will quickly notice the difference. A cheap cloth just doesn’t absorb as much water. A good towel stays dry and cozy for a long time. Cotton has simply proven to be the best material over the past decades.

Proper sauna means less work

Properly disinfect sauna

Many people dream of having a sauna in their own home. This eliminates the need to leave the house after a stressful day at work to relax in soothing warmth. But in order to enjoy our own wellness oasis for as long as possible, we need to care for it regularly and, above all, clean and disinfect it properly.

Sauna helps detoxify the body

As a smoker in the sauna?

Especially for smokers, the sauna is very suitable. The sauna trains the self-regulation of the body. And at the same time, the sauna helps to detoxify the body. Of course, it is even healthier to quit smoking altogether. However, this is nothing new.

Brine nebulizer provides relief for neurodermatitis

Salt brine nebulizer for sauna

A stay by the sea is not only good for the soul, but also for the respiratory system. Especially people with respiratory problems benefit from this. With a brine-salt vaporizer, you can also experience the positive effect of salty air in your sauna. Thereby, the intensive salt content in the air corresponds to that on the seashore and is a beneficial support for your skin as well as for the respiratory tract.

Interesting facts about sauna menthol crystals and their effect

Menthol crystals for sauna

Menthol crystals are used for infusions in the sauna. They make sauna a unique experience – both for sauna novices and sauna professionals. What’s the deal with this flavoring? How is an infusion with the sauna ice crystals performed? And what effect does menthol have on humans?

Moisturizing hair treatment with the hair sauna

What is a hair sauna?

A hair sauna is pure wellness for the hair. Under the influence of the warm and humid climate under the hood, all the care products, hair treatments and packs can be absorbed more effectively. Feel free to try this on your next visit to the hairdresser.

The advantages of textile saunas

Textile sauna in Germany

In Germany, there is a new health trend called textile sauna. In these wellness oases, guests sauna in swimwear. In a sauna of this type, visitors enjoy a home atmosphere of well-being. You can enjoy the same benefits of the previous spas in Germany while taking a sauna.

Baby sauna - When can babies be taken into the sauna?

With baby in the sauna

From what age are babies allowed in the sauna? There are very different opinions on this. In Finland alone, 75% of all parents already go to the sauna together with their babies. And there is a reason for that. Regular sauna bathing strengthens the body’s defenses through the alternation of heat and cold and thus reduces the susceptibility of babies and small children to infections and shortens the duration of illness.

How harmful is sunburn in connection with the sauna or steam bath?

Sauna and steam bath for sunburn? – Skin burns and sauna

It’s easy to get sunburned, especially in the height of summer. Is then a trip to the sauna or steam bath with sunburn even dangerous? After all, the skin is open in some places! In this article, you will learn how to behave properly with a sunburn in the sauna or steam bath.