Sauna – a healthy trend

In Germany, sauna bathing has reached a new record high. 30 million people go to the sauna more or less regularly and this trend will continue in the coming years. Many wellness spas have recognized the trend and now also offer their guests sauna bathing in swimwear.
More than just sweating – Sauna trend in Germany
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More than just sweating – Sauna trend in Germany

In our fast-paced and industrialized world, a rethinking is currently taking place in the minds of Western European residents. Health experts, conservationists, nutritionists and fitness trainers have reached many people with their sermons about a healthy lifestyle. Many individuals strive to combine the three areas of sports, wellness and nutrition into an impeccable daily routine.

As wellness plays a significant role in this, the number of sauna visitors is on the rise. A sauna now no longer functions as a prestigious facility reserved only for certain people, but also as a healthy trend. This is due to its numerous positive effects on the human body and mind.

Sauna – a new trend

The new sauna trend enjoys a continuously increasing number of new followers. High-quality gyms offer their members the opportunity to relax in the cozy wellness facilities. Fitness operators justify their sauna investment with the positive effects on human health. Not only does the performance of a professional activity equally stress the body and mind, but so does the practice of a sport. The effort also requires systematic relaxation from the active members. A sauna bath is perfect for this purpose.

Modern beauty salons also include a sauna, which gives the treated women the opportunity to extend their wonderful time out with an extra round of sweating. This is not only due to the development of the healthy trend, but also because a sauna bath produces positive effects in terms of skin care. The heat gently opens the pores and allows excess sebum to drain away more easily. Beauticians thus help their clients maintain smooth, flawless skin.

Almost since their existence, wellness spas have included at least one sauna, which allows visitors to relax and toughen up at the same time. Incidentally, the origin of the development of the healthy trend lies in the facilities.

A sauna makes its visitors happy and healthy

Health researchers have confirmed the connection between happiness and health in their numerous studies. A sauna achieves the same effect on its user. The pleasant warmth can relieve physical and mental suffering. This stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. The production of happiness stimulated in this way in turn has a positive effect on the state of health of the respective individuals.

Happy people unconsciously program their cells into a nearly flawless state of health. Being “happy” is directly related to being “healthy.” For this reason, sauna deserves a place in the list of healthy trends.

Other positive aspects in terms of health

The positive effects on the immune system are among the other benefits of regular sauna visits. The associated hardening makes visitors less susceptible to infections during flu season.

The number of private households acquiring their own wooden cabin is steadily increasing. With this purchase, sauna lovers want to contribute to the maintenance of good health. They can sweat out in this way numerous toxins, which they take up daily from their environment, over the skin. This detox effect also increases the well-being many times over. In addition, regular saunas strengthen the cardiovascular system.

As numerous users infect the people around them with their positive opinion about the remarkable health effects, sweat baths will effortlessly justify and equally consolidate their place among the healthy trends.


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