Sauna doors open you a world of regeneration and relaxation

A visit to the sauna offers a soothing cleansing for body and mind. This relaxing experience not only strengthens the immune system of visitors, but also brings numerous benefits for the skin. The combination of moisture, heat, and relaxation creates a perfect synergy that not only improves the external appearance, but also enhances the internal well-being. Enjoy the revitalizing power of the sauna and treat yourself to some time out to pamper your body and mind.
Sauna doors made of glass or wood

Sauna doors made of glass or wood

Thanks to the numerous advantages of a sauna, the number of sauna users who buy a private heat cabin is constantly increasing. Talented craftsmen, in turn, build their wellness oasis with their own hands. However, the sauna door is a particular challenge. That is why sauna fans usually resort to a prefabricated model.

Sauna doors are indispensable

Since saunas are special rooms, compared to conventional rooms, they require specific doors. These are designed to withstand the high temperatures as well as humidity. Inferior doors, on the contrary, promote the formation of mold, which is a danger to the health of sauna users.

Meanwhile, on the market, there are numerous models that contain an integrated frame. As a result, they fit effortlessly into all sauna designs. In addition, they meet the requirements placed on them by the heat cabin. Sauna owners can choose between a glass or wooden door. Both models impress with different advantages.

Wooden sauna door – the classic

Sauna owners who choose the wooden variant should pay attention to the right quality. After all, the door serves as a gateway to the relaxation of the wellness oasis. Therefore, it should withstand the temperature conditions. In addition, it can be opened and closed effortlessly.

Jamming sauna doors, on the other hand, disrupt the meditation and relaxation factor. Sauna doors made of wood are composed of the same materials as the interior. Thus, the appearance is in harmony.

Wooden sauna doors are made of either Canadian hemlock, Nordic spruce, and abachi or cedar wood. However, the type of wood can be adjusted according to the needs. Mixtures present a beautiful view.

Glass sauna door – the modern variant

Glass models are becoming increasingly popular. After all, glass sauna doors cleverly combine the traditional tree material with a modern door variant. Glass doors represent a stylish change. Furthermore, they provide the interior with a decent amount of light. As a result, the room appears larger.

Furthermore, they allow users to have a clear view of what is happening outside the sauna room. People who suffer from claustrophobia feel more comfortable in rooms with glass doors. Thanks to this design, they are no longer constricted, which in turn increases the relaxation factor.

Glass doors do not require maintenance and thus last for several decades. They are also easy to maintain. However, a glass sauna door should be heat-resistant, thick, and tight to withstand the high temperatures.


Our purchase recommendation: glass sauna doors

Compared to its wooden relative, a glass door offers a number of advantages that deserve a closer look:

  • Resistance to rot and corrosion, which is especially important for use in saunas with high humidity.
  • Ensuring geometric integrity, regardless of temperature differences and other negative influences. The glass structure does not swell or shrink.
  • Compliance with all hygiene and safety standards, as the sauna is a place of well-being and possible breeding grounds for fungi and molds, should be minimized.
  • Fire resistance to meet fire safety requirements, especially since there is a sauna heater nearby.
  • Long life, as glass structures will faithfully serve their owners for several decades due to their resistance to adverse environmental factors.
  • Aesthetics and easy maintenance. With a damp cloth and standard cleaning products, the door structure can be quickly and easily returned to its original state.
  • The transparency of the glass allows a lot of light into the sauna, saving energy and costs for lighting.
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