Sauna is training for the lungs

It is between 104 and 230 °F hot and over five million Germans visit this location very regularly. It should not be difficult to guess what we are talking about here. Many people compare the time spent in the sauna with a warm embrace and complete relaxation. Yet there is so much more to this description.
Why is a regular visit to the sauna so healthy?

Why is a regular visit to the sauna so healthy?

Especially in the cold season, regular sweating has a positive effect on our health. The alternation between hot air and cold showers has been proven to strengthen our immune system. Because this strong stimulus is an effective workout for our cardiovascular system, revs up the metabolism and even stimulates the internal organs.

Beneficial for the respiratory tract

But did you know that regular visits to the sauna or steam bath also strengthen your lungs? This will probably especially please people who have to struggle with a chronic respiratory disease.

Why do the lungs benefit?

Our lungs are a very complex organ that reacts strongly to external stimuli. Unfortunately, there are many people who have difficulty breathing due to various diseases. It is not uncommon for a chronic immune reaction of the body to be behind this, which is accompanied by an agonizing cough, shortness of breath or a feeling of tightness in the chest. Often the cause of these symptoms is a constant cramping of the bronchial tubes. Going to the sauna can help relax the muscles and thus prevent acute shortness of breath.

In addition, there is an increased release of the hormone cortisol. This is a stress hormone that activates various metabolic processes in the body and shuts down the immune system. Orthodox medicine has long made use of these properties to dampen certain reactions of the organism and to alleviate inflammation.

Tips for the chronically ill

If you suffer from a chronic illness, it is worth consulting your doctor beforehand. Because even though the sauna is a very good workout for our lungs, it can also become a danger. This is usually the case when certain infusions are not tolerated. In the worst case, an allergic reaction with acute respiratory distress is the result.

It is therefore strongly advised to always carry the inhaler or important medication with you. Particularly in the humid climate, care must be taken to protect the sometimes sensitive substances well.

People with an acute attack or a cold must also avoid the humid heat. In the worst case, the subsequent cold shock can constrict the bronchial tubes to such an extent that an acute attack occurs.

Taking a sauna strengthens the immune response

There is certainly more than one reason to go to the sauna regularly. But one of them is that we can effectively strengthen our lungs. This kind of workout not only revs up our metabolism, but it even alleviates inflammatory immune responses in the body. This is especially interesting for those who suffer from chronic lung disease.

The permanent change between hot and cold air makes breathing much easier. The mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes are better supplied with blood and can thus better remove the mucus. Infusions with special essential oils can be particularly supportive. But caution is advised! Because not everyone tolerates these infusions. In rare cases, allergic reactions can occur, which can have very serious consequences, especially for the chronically ill.


It has long been known that regular sauna bathing increases well-being. It contributes to relaxation and promotes the release of certain happiness hormones. How often do you need to spread out your towel to do something good for your health? One thing is certain: saunas are very sustainable! That is, one visit a week is actually quite enough. However, if you feel the urge to relax more often, the number of individual visits should be reduced.


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