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Why saunas are so valuable in winter

Sauna as part of a healthy winter routine

When icy winter winds sweep through the streets and the days are shrouded in early twilight, we long for solutions to get through this time of year in good health and without a care in the world. At this time of year, when nature is asleep and we are surrounded by frosty temperatures, we have a deep need for warmth and well-being. It’s a time when we instinctively look for ways to harmonize body and mind and not only master the challenges of winter, but to take them on with joy and ease.

Choosing the right sauna: a feast for the senses

Sauna pleasure: Relaxation instead of pressure to perform

Are you looking for relaxation and well-being? Then let’s talk about the true pleasure of a sauna. It’s not about staying in the sauna as long and as hot as possible. Forget the idea of performance! What counts is mindful care of body and mind.

Sauna etiquette: basics for beginners and professionals

The path to the optimal sauna experience

Saunas are popular places for relaxation and recreation all over the world. This article is about the art of sauna and how to get the most out of every sauna session, whether for physical health or mental relaxation.

Spatial illusion and closeness to nature

Elegance in glass and wood: the art of modern sauna design

The development of sauna architecture has taken an innovative turn: Saunas with glass fronts are not only architecturally appealing, but also fundamentally change the sauna experience. This design revolution offers a unique mix of transparency, a sense of space and closeness to nature.

The history of the Norwegian sauna

The hidden sauna culture of Norway: a fascinating insight

When you think of Norway, picturesque fjords, spectacular northern lights and perhaps the rugged Vikings immediately spring to mind. But one aspect of Norwegian life that is often overlooked is the rich and fascinating culture of the sauna – an experience that is deeply rooted in the country’s history and tradition.

The sauna - a timeless refuge for body and soul

Sauna and mindfulness: a combination for deep relaxation

In our hectic everyday lives, moments of peace and relaxation are rare and precious. But there are methods that promote deep relaxation and help us to find a balance. One of these is the combination of sauna and mindfulness. This article takes you on a journey into the world of the sauna and shows how mindfulness can enrich the experience.

Sauna - An oasis of peace and social interaction in the modern world

Sauna as part of burnout prevention: strategies for stress reduction

In a world characterized by constant networking, high pressure to perform and incessant demands for productivity, burnout is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. While the search for effective methods of coping with stress and preventing burnout continues, one traditional practice is coming to the fore: the sauna.

The magic of the traditional Finnish sauna

The sauna – an ode to nature and originality

In a world characterized by technology and constant change, the sauna is a symbol of closeness to nature and the longing for originality. This ancient ritual, especially in its traditional Finnish form, offers a rare sanctuary – a sacred place where we can free ourselves from the shackles of modern life and reach a deeper level of being.

Embracing the soul: a journey into the world of the sauna

Sauna in the evening: relaxation and wellness for the soul

When evening falls and the world around us slowly comes to rest, a magical window to relaxation opens: the evening hours in the sauna. At this moment, when the daylight gently gives way to the starry sky, the sauna unfolds its true sensual power.

Why contact lenses are the better choice

Sauna enjoyment with vision: Into the sauna with one-day contact lenses

Visits to the sauna are not only relaxing, but also have health benefits, especially in the cooler months of the year. A frequently asked question among spectacle and contact lens wearers is which visual aid is best suited for a visit to the sauna. The answer is clearly in favor of contact lenses, but there are some important points to consider.

Blood circulation and nutrient supply for radiant skin

The secret beauty trick: How the sauna pampers skin and hair

While most of us see the sauna as a place to relieve stress and relax muscles, the benefits for skin and hair are often underestimated. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of the sauna and find out how it can improve our appearance.

The power of relaxation

The sauna: the path to inner peace and serenity

The sauna is much more than just a place to sweat. It is a special place where body and soul come into harmony. In Germany, around 25 million people go to the sauna every year, which corresponds to almost a third of the population. Sauna visits are particularly popular among 25 to 44-year-olds, with men and women enjoying the benefits of the sauna equally.

The spiritual power of the sauna

The original meaning of saunas – a path to inner realization

In Finnish culture, sauna bathing is far more than just a method of relaxation, it is a path to spiritual enlightenment and the search for one’s inner being. The ritual pouring of water onto the glowing stones, known as “löyly”, not only creates a pleasant wave of intense heat, but also symbolizes a profound cleansing and renewal process.

Saunatonttu: The faithful guardian of Finnish saunas

Saunatonttu: The faithful guardian of Finnish saunas

Behind the name Saunatonttu (sauna spirit) lies a rich tradition and a fascinating history that lies at the heart of Finnish sauna culture. Saunatonttu symbolizes not only protection, but also the healing power of the sauna, which is a source of health and well-being for the Finns. Its history is a reflection of the deep cultural appreciation for the sauna in Finland.

Aromatherapy meets infrared heat

Airspray for the infrared cabin: a new breath of freshness and relaxation

At a time when stress and hectic are omnipresent, the topic of wellness is becoming increasingly important. One of the latest developments in this area is the use of airspray in infrared cabins. This combination offers a holistic relaxation experience that appeals to the senses and is good for the body.

The sauna: a place of inner balance

The sauna: a retreat for energetic cleansing and balancing the chakras

In the modern world, where stress and hectic pace are omnipresent, many people are looking for ways to regain their inner balance. One practice that is attracting more and more attention in this context is the use of the sauna as a space for energetic cleansing and chakra balancing. This approach combines the ancient tradition of the sauna with the teachings of the chakra system to create a holistic wellness experience.

The science behind the sauna

Strengthening the immune system: the power of the sauna in winter

The cold months don’t have to be accompanied by colds and malaise. Instead, we can enjoy the splendor of winter by strengthening our immune system. One key to this is one of the most pleasant preventative measures against illness and winter depression: sauna training.

Magical moments: The sensual oasis of the sauna

Seduction in the sauna: a sensory journey through music, mood and serenity

There are places where the boundaries between reality and dream become blurred. The sauna is such a place, a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. In addition to the physical warmth that relaxes the muscles and opens the pores, there is a deeper, emotional seduction through music, atmosphere and tranquillity.

The body in the heat: a physical awakening

The sauna – a hot place for a more alert mind

In our fast-paced society, where stress and constant availability characterize everyday life, there is a growing longing for moments of peace and pause. The sauna as a traditional heat and relaxation bath serves not only physical, but increasingly also mental hygiene. It has become a refuge that offers more than just a break from everyday life – it is a journey to a heightened awareness.

The sauna as a path to awakening spiritual intelligence

The sauna as a gateway to spiritual intelligence

The sauna, a place of rest and perspiration, has been a cultural phenomenon for centuries – from the steam baths of the ancient Romans to the traditional Finnish saunas. But apart from health benefits and relaxation, the sauna has another, less explored dimension: it can be a powerful tool for developing spiritual intelligence.

Pulsating rhythm of warmth

The sauna as an oasis of creativity

Modern life is like a constant stream that sweeps us along with it. A moment for yourself, free from the whirlwind of to-do lists and the flood of emails, seems almost impossible. But in the silence and warmth of a sauna, far away from the turbulence of the digital age, we discover a rare state of contemplation. Here, wrapped in cozy warmth, the mind is not only cleansed, but is given the freedom to move without restraints and sail on the wide sea of creativity.

The ritual of the sauna

Sauna: Newborn from heat and steam

A journey into the depths of our existence begins in the simple wooden chamber of the sauna. The sauna is a sacred temple where we surrender to the elemental powers of heat and steam, a place of cleansing and renewal where the burden of everyday life falls away. Amidst the soothing warmth of the air and the hissing sound of the infusion, we find ourselves in a timeless ritual that has been celebrated in many cultures for centuries.

Sensuality & well-being: The influence of sauna heat and hormones

When hormones go crazy in the sauna

In the silence of the sauna, wrapped in warm light and fragrant steam, a world of sensuality unfolds. Here, far from the noise of everyday life, we can lose ourselves and find ourselves again, carried by the rhythms of our own heartbeat and the melodies of our hormones. Enter this temple of emotions and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the moment.

Sandalwood oil: origin and extraction

Sandalwood oil in the sauna: healing properties and application

The art of sauna is not only a matter of heat, but also of the senses. And when it comes to the senses, scents play a crucial role. In the world of sauna fragrances, one in particular stands out: sandalwood oil. But what makes this fragrance so special and how can you benefit from its advantages?

Why does the face redden after a visit to the sauna?

Effects of the sauna on the skin: from redness to marbling

Many people appreciate the beneficial effect of a visit to the sauna. However, in addition to the relaxation and numerous health benefits that come with a visit to the sauna, there is the question of what effects the sauna has on our skin. In this article, we explore why redness and marbling occur after saunas and why this is not a cause for concern.

Main causes of diarrhea after sauna

Why does the sauna sometimes cause diarrhea? Causes and tips

Sauna bathing is a traditional practice that brings relaxation and health benefits to many people around the world. However, sometimes you don’t feel so good after a sauna session. One of these symptoms may be diarrhea. But what could be the cause?

Why do some people freeze after the sauna?

Freezing after sauna: causes and solutions

Sauna bathing is a centuries-old tradition that rejuvenates the body and mind. However, a relaxing sauna session can sometimes be accompanied by an unexpected feeling of cold. This phenomenon raises questions: Why do you freeze after the sauna and what can you do about it?

Tattoos and sauna visits: a question of caution and care

Visiting the sauna with a tattoo: expert tips to protect your tattoo

Tattoos today are much more than mere body decoration. They represent personal stories, convictions and aesthetic choices. As more people choose this permanent expression of their individuality, there is also a growing need to understand the long-term care and protection of tattoos, especially in environments like saunas that can be challenging.

Discover the different types of saunas and their health benefits

Sauna guide: Important tips for autumn and winter

Sauna bathing, which has been used for centuries to promote health and relaxation, is becoming increasingly popular in the cooler months. Upon entering a sauna facility, one is often greeted by a variety of sauna types, each with its own merits.

A sensual journey of discovery to inner peace in the sauna

The seduction of silence: my sensual journey of discovery in the sauna

In our fast-paced times, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For many people, myself included, the sauna is a refuge, a place where we can regain our inner peace. In this article I would like to share my personal experience of making the sauna a spiritual experience that goes far beyond purely physical relaxation.

Even in a mixed sauna there are rules!

What is a mixed sauna?

If you want to visit a sauna, you may come across the term “mixed sauna”. Especially for beginners, this is often followed by a surprise when they find themselves in a room and realize that both women and men are present.

Strategies for the control of silverfish

Unwanted sauna guests: How to effectively keep silverfish away!

Imagine entering your sauna to relax, only to find that you’re not alone – little silver intruders have taken up residence! These uninvited guests, known as silverfish, seek out warm, moist hiding places and can range from a mild irritation to a sign of a deeper cleanliness problem.

The three key steps for optimal cooling after a sauna session

The art of proper cooling after the sauna

For many, the sauna is a place of relaxation and regeneration. But while sweating in the heat has its own benefits, cooling down afterward is an equally important part of the sauna experience. But why exactly is cooling so important, and how do you do it right?

Discomfort after sauna bathing

Sick after the sauna – The following reasons can be responsible for it

Taking a sauna is a widespread leisure activity that brings a number of benefits: it helps the body to relax more easily, improves blood circulation and increases overall health and well-being. However, if some sauna rules are not followed, there is a risk of getting sick after the sauna session.

From preparation to maintenance: how to ensure a clean sauna experience

Hygiene measures in the sauna: a comprehensive guide

Sauna is a place of relaxation and recreation for many people. The warm ambience, the scent of wood and essential oils, the feeling of sweat beads on the skin – all this contributes to the well-being. But besides all these wonderful aspects, there is one that is often overlooked, but is of crucial importance: sauna hygiene. But why is sauna hygiene so important?

Sauna Ice bathing in winter - Is it really healthy?

Sauna ice bathing – Is it really healthy?

How healthy is sauna ice bathing and what is there to consider. Even top athletes regularly harden themselves with alternating showers or in the plunge pool after the sauna. Although ice bathing takes a lot of effort, but the walk into the icy water can be worth it.

The positive effects of the sauna

Healthy through the winter: Practical tips for body and soul

During the cold season, our health and well-being are particularly challenged. So how can we best prepare for winter to stay fit and vital? In addition to proven methods such as sauna sessions and alternating showers, there are other measures that can support us. But what are they and how can we best integrate them into our daily lives?