Five reasons why you should start taking saunas now

Winter is a time when we like to retreat indoors and relax in a cozy atmosphere. There are many ways to escape the winter blues and feel good all round. One particularly recommended method, which is both relaxing and good for your health, is to go to the sauna.
Healthy reasons to go to the sauna once again

What effect does a visit to the sauna in winter have on your body and mind?

In our hectic and stressful world, we often look for ways to relax and boost our health. One of the best ways to do this is by visiting a sauna. Although sauna has been around for centuries, it sometimes gets forgotten while we are busy with modern wellness trends. However, the positive effects of sauna on our body and mind are incomparable.

Winter is a time when we like to retreat indoors and relax in a cozy atmosphere. There are many ways to escape the winter blues and feel completely at ease. One particularly recommended method, which is both relaxing and beneficial to health, is to go to the sauna. The sauna is not only a welcome change from the cold weather, it also has numerous positive effects on body and mind.

1. Thanks to heat, you get fit through the winter

The transition from the warm to the cold season makes you susceptible to colds. The culprit is not the cold itself. Rather, your body is busy adapting to the new conditions. That’s why it can’t fight viruses and bacteria as well as usual.

The sauna can help you there for two reasons: First, the alternation between heat and cold counteracts inflammatory processes. In addition, your immune system is strengthened and can cope better with the challenges.

2. Beautiful through the cold season

However, sauna bathing is not only very healthy. It also makes you beautiful. The principle is quite simple: as soon as you take a seat on the wooden bench, you inevitably start to sweat. The sweat runs out of all your pores and takes all sorts of things with it, dead skin flakes and excess day, for example. This works much like an exfoliating scrub, but is much more effective.

In addition, your circulation is boosted in the heat. This makes for a wonderfully rosy complexion. But that’s not all: the interplay between heat and cold is also capable of slowing down skin aging.

3. Relaxed through the Christmas stress

Did you know that November is the month in which the fewest vacation days are taken? This creates stress in the office. First, you’re there yourself. Secondly, everyone else is there too, and they want something from you all the time. That’s why you should give yourself some time off right now. After all, stress at work is followed by stress in the family. Christmas is just around the corner.

In the sauna, you can escape all the hustle and bustle. After just a few seconds, the heat releases all tension, which has a positive effect on your mind. The soft sounds from the speaker caress your ears and help you to fully switch off.

4. Effective help against winter depression

As winter approaches, the sun naturally shines less. But we humans need it, because light helps the body produce happiness hormones. If it is missing, it can happen that you fall into a so-called winter depression. A visit to the sauna can also help against this.

Namely, the operators work with special lights in different colors. They can influence your state of mind. In winter, you should choose mainly yellow light, because it is quite close to that of the sun.

5. Sauna is healthy for your heart

We already mentioned the issue of stress in winter. It has a negative effect on your circulation. For example, the dangerous high blood pressure is associated with stress and hectic. You can also counteract this in the sauna: The alternation between heat and cold trains your arteries. They become more elastic. This in turn regulates blood pressure in a completely natural way.

Bonus tip: Social interaction and community

The sauna is not only a place for relaxation, but also a place for interaction and socializing. Especially during the cold season, it can be particularly beneficial to spend time in the sauna together with other people. A visit to the sauna invites you to talk with friends, family, or even new acquaintances.

The sauna often creates a relaxed atmosphere where people can casually talk and exchange ideas. It is a place where you can leave behind the stressful everyday life and concentrate on the here and now.


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