Wellness from Egypt – The Egyptian Rhassoul Bath

The Rasul bath is an ancient Egyptian form of steam bath, whose relaxing effect was already appreciated by the ancient Egyptians. In this process, various care muds are applied to the individual parts of the body and massaged in a herbal steam bath - the Rasul.
Rhassoul bath (Rasul bath) - wellness for the skin

Rhassoul bath (Rasul bath) – wellness for the skin

Especially in the summer time we want to shine with a beautiful smooth skin on the beach and in the swimming pool. What is better than a sauna stay to give the body a little extra attention – for example, with a rasul treatment with herbal steam bath. Even Cleopatra swore by the beautifying and rejuvenating effects of a rasul bath, in which mineral-rich mud and chalk are applied to the body.

So what exactly is a rhassoul bath?

Imagine going to the sauna and having your entire body covered in a soft, warm layer of mud – from your face to your toes. Some may already be familiar with the soothing and relaxing effects of mud packs – in a rasul treatment, the mud is applied directly to the skin and combined with a herbal steam bath. This is not just any mud from the garden, but only special selected types of mud are used.

The whole takes place in a special Rasulraum. A rasul treatment is pure luxury and afterwards you will feel like reborn. The effect of a Rasul treatment and the whole ceremony we describe to you further down. But so much is already betrayed: A Rasul bath combines the knowledge and traditions of thousands of years. Treat yourself to a Rasul treatment on a special occasion, on a wellness weekend or just in between to awaken the spirits.

Here’s how a rasul treatment works

In a 2017 study, the composition and mode of action of Moroccan mineral clay was studied in detail. Due to its composition, the washing earth has strong binding properties. In this way, it binds organic material such as grease or dirt and can thus clean particularly gently. But the special soil from Morocco does not only bind organic substances. The study was able to prove that rhassoul even binds heavy metals. A rasul treatment strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the connective tissue.

Beautiful like Cleopatra: History of the Rasul bath

We have already revealed that the Rasul treatment comes from Egypt. The ancient Egyptians particularly appreciated the relaxing effect of this form of steam bath. Today, this ancient bathing ritual is experiencing a renaissance in wellness oases, beauty salons and hotels with spa. Of course, you can also arrange a rasul treatment in your sauna at home. Preferably with your partner or a good friend, who will apply the mud on your back and other hard-to-reach places. The main focus of the rasul bath is rest and relaxation, plus an intense detoxifying and cleansing effect. Feel beautiful like Cleopatra and make your skin glow!

Short vacation for the senses: procedure and effect of a Rasul treatment

In a rasul treatment or rhassoul bath, the body is treated with healing clay. The Rasul treatment begins with a short shower, then the healing warm mud is applied to the skin. Then one goes into the Rasul, a small round room. Here the skin is steamed with herbal steam and the healing clay is carefully massaged in. This has a double effect: through the massage, the active ingredients of the healing clay can unfold and penetrate the body. At the same time, small horny scales are removed from the skin – a rhassoul bath is therefore always also a peeling: The result is soft, fresh baby skin.

On the one hand, the mud supplies the skin with minerals and other substances; on the other hand, the healing clay detoxifies the skin and removes waste products. After a rhassoul bath, the skin is well supplied with blood, deeply cleansed and the metabolism is on the go. After the herbal steam bath, another shower takes place to rinse the mud from your body. After that, nourishing oils are still massaged into your skin. Now a resting phase begins and often a glass of tea and oriental pastries are served.

Which minerals are used in a Rasul bath?

Rasul clay is a purely natural product and consists mainly of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silicon and iron. Rasul literally means rubbing with mud. In the Orient, a rasul is not just a treatment, but a sophisticated ceremony and a benefit for body and soul. A rhassoul bath combines all 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. It is a very special experience that you should not miss. The healing muds and chalks have different colors and grains. In addition, sea salt is often applied to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

At the beginning of a Rasul bath, the temperature is about 100,4 °F and rises to 114,8/122 °F. The temperature in the room is very dry. The initially dry room climate rises to 80% humidity. A steady increase of the room temperature as well as the humidity prevents an excessive load of the circulation. In total, the rhassoul bath lasts about one hour. It has a cleansing and stimulating effect on the skin.

Rhassoul at home

You can also perform a rhassoul bath at home in a steam bath, steam shower or steam sauna. To perform a rhassoul bath in your own home, you can buy different types of healing clay in stores.


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