The worst sauna sins

A visit to the sauna is a true wellness experience for body and mind. However, the wellness time-out can turn into a real nightmare if other guests commit the worst sins during the sauna stay.
Staring not desired! - The worst 12 sauna sins

Staring not welcome! – The worst 12 sauna sins

The sauna is a place of rest and relaxation. To ensure that a visit is relaxing and harmonious for all guests, a few things should be kept in mind. Here are our top 12 sauna sins that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Sitting naked on the sauna benches

One of the worst and most unpopular sauna sins is sitting down on the sauna wood without using a textile pad. This sight causes unbelievable horror among other visitors. In addition, the staff reminds those who sit naked on the sauna benches of the hygiene rules, which require the use of a towel. The feet also belong on a towel, because no one wants to sit on the places where sweaty feet were previously placed.

2. Loud conversations in the sauna

An important reason why sauna-goers visit this wellness oasis is to enjoy the absolute silence that reigns in this place. For this reason, loud conversations among guests are not only undesirable, but also rude and out of place. After all, no sauna guest cares what they had for lunch today or what marital problems they have.

3. Spreading your body sweat uncontrollably

Spreading one’s body to sweat uncontrollably is one of the other worst and undesirable sins of a sauna visit. Even though the sauna serves the purpose of sweating, it is not meant for unrestrained sweat distribution throughout the room.

4. Wearing bathing shoes in the sauna

Keeping bathing shoes on in the sauna is an absolute no-no. Cultured sauna-goers leave their slippers outside the sweat room, and they expect the same from their fellow sauna-goers. Bath slippers are full of bacteria and other pathogens. Bath slippers can also emit chemicals in high heat, which would certainly not be good for them or the other guests. For this reason, they do not belong in the sauna bath.

5. Reserving a place in the sauna

Reserving a place in the sauna is not only impolite to other guests, but can also lead to expulsion from the room by the staff. Therefore, the seats and loungers are reserved only for those who are taking a sauna.

6. Leave the sauna door open

During the sauna session, the sauna door must always remain closed. The reason for this rule is the desired effect of the high temperatures. If visitors leave the door open, they lower the internal heat supply many times over with this course of action. This sin is always viewed by fellow visitors with critical eyes. For this reason, sauna-goers who do not want to earn bad looks should close the doors when entering and leaving the sauna.

7. Constant staring at other sauna guests

Many people have to overcome their individual inhibitions before they decide to take a sauna bath. For this reason, constantly staring at other sauna guests is not only extremely rude, but also inappropriate. Therefore, visitors should discreetly avert their gaze from the other guests. In the sauna, they should behave in a calm and orderly manner. It is best to close your eyes and enjoy the warm sauna bath.

8. Keep too little distance

All people have an invisible protective shell. Body language experts also refer to this as individual distance. Therefore, one of the worst sins in the sauna is not keeping a sufficient distance from other visitors. Of course, sweat baths are small spaces, but they still allow you to maintain a minimum distance. In the event that the area is completely occupied, it would be appropriate to wait until one of the people present leaves the room.

9. Plunge into the cold water pool immediately after the sauna bath

After the sauna bath, visitors should rinse off either in the shower or with the hoses provided for this purpose. It is a no-no to jump into the cold water immediately after the sweat bath. On the one hand, those present feel that this action is inappropriate, and on the other hand, the body suffers a shock from the abrupt change in temperature. You do not want to bathe in the sweat of the other sauna guests.

10. Leaving the sauna during the infusion

Many sauna-goers do not know that leaving the sauna area during the infusion is extremely impolite. This is due to the high importance that guests attach to the infusion. During this process, visitors feel a stronger heat, although the temperature has remained constant. When leaving the room, the attendants open the doors. By doing so, they change the climate of the room. However, those who get health complaints during the infusion, such as circulatory problems, are of course allowed to make an exit. The sauna wood on the lower benches, on the other hand, is a tad cooler even during the time of the infusion.

11. Other countries, other customs

Other countries have different customs. For this reason, sauna-goers who wish to take a sweat bath in another country should familiarize themselves with the customs of that country. In this way, they can be sure that they are not committing a sin.

12. Entering the sauna without showering

It is a matter of course to shower extensively before entering the sauna. After all, no one wants to breathe in the unpleasant body odour from the person sitting next to them. After showering, dry yourself off well, because dry skin sweats faster.


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