Is it possible to stop skin aging?

Skin aging is a natural phenomenon and it affects everyone after a certain age. But can I stop or at least delay skin aging? If you are wondering the same thing, this is the article for you.
Slow down the natural aging of the skin

Slow down the natural aging of the skin

Is it possible to stop skin aging? We all ask ourselves these questions at the latest when the first wrinkles are visible. They are an unmistakable sign that you are getting older. But we have good news for you: skin aging can be slowed down. However, it cannot be stopped completely. If you don’t go under the knife, you will inevitably get wrinkles. Some sooner, others later. So that you belong to the latter, we have some tips for you. We are sure that you will be happy to follow them, because they neither cost money nor are they unpleasant. By the way, you can completely save on expensive anti-aging cosmetics.

Sauna: miracle weapon against skin aging

You probably guessed it: if a sauna blog deals with the topic of skin aging, it will probably recommend you to go into the cozy warmth. And yes, we do. But not out of mere principle. We can rely on the findings of numerous scientists. They have proven that sweating increases the elasticity of the skin.

Once again, this has something to do with the blood vessels. They dilate in the heat and contract again in the cooler air. This trains both the elasticity of the vessels and that of the skin.

But that is not the only effect. The heat also stimulates the production of various substances. One of these is collagen. This is not a hormone in the true sense of the word, but a protein. Our body needs this substance to keep the skin elastic. For example, it plays a major role in the healing of wounds. It is precisely this collagen that is produced in greater quantities during a healthy sweat bath. On the one hand, this means that wounds heal faster. On the other hand, the unwounded skin renews itself. This accelerated renewal process means that elasticity is maintained for longer.

Peeling effect thanks to sweat

When you sit down in the sauna, you will sweat. In this case, this is quite a desirable effect. After all, sweat ensures that toxins are flushed out of your body. In terms of wrinkle formation, this has two advantages: On the one hand, the organism simply removes substances that could do harm right away itself. Secondly, it also removes dead skin cells – just like a thorough peeling. Once they are removed, a renewal process begins thanks to the collagen. This preserves the skin’s elasticity. It is also good for the complexion. It looks rosy and fresh shortly after the sauna bath.

Widened pores for extra care

Even if a sauna bath alone is a good remedy against skin aging, we do not want to conceal one thing from you: There are active ingredients that actually help slow down the formation of wrinkles. These include creams containing zinc, biotin, vitamin C and vitamin E. Scientists also attest to the effectiveness of these substances. However, it is important that they can penetrate deep into the skin. At this point, the pleasant warmth comes into play again: namely, it opens the pores. This allows vitamins and minerals to really penetrate deep.

To fully enjoy this effect, you should enjoy at least two sauna sessions. Apply the cream between the two sessions. However, please make sure that no residue gets on the wood. Otherwise, the sauna master will get sour.

Relaxation prevents wrinkles

In addition to all the measurable effects, sauna bathing has another advantage when it comes to skin aging. After all, wrinkles are not just a result of age. Lifestyle also plays an important role – and stress is especially important here. And it is precisely this stress that falls away from you when you lie on the benches in the comforting warmth. Nobody frowns here. This relaxation will help you keep your skin young.


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