Relaxation in the sauna: why it is so beneficial

Why does the sauna relax?

The world is full of stress and hectic. That’s why many people are looking for a way to relax and rebalance their bodies. One of the most popular methods for this is going to the sauna – but why does this method work so well? In this article, we will look at this in more detail.

Sauna temperatures: effect and factors

The health effect of sauna temperatures

Sauna baths are more popular than ever in today’s world. They are considered a place of relaxation and well-being. Many people swear by the positive effect that regular visits to the sauna have on the body. The different temperatures in a sauna have different effects on the body. In the following article you will learn more about the different temperatures in the sauna and their effect on the body.

Japanese mint oil: a miracle cure for relaxation and well-being in the sauna

Discover the miraculous effect of Japanese mint oil in the sauna

Have you heard about the incredible benefits of Japanese mint oil in the sauna? This refreshing oil can not only invigorate your senses, but also relax your body and mind. Want to learn more about how to use the full potential of mint oil in the sauna? Then let’s find out together how mint oil can enrich not only your sauna experience!

What can be the causes of nausea during a sauna session?

Why do I get sick in the sauna?

Sauna visits are an integral part of the health and wellness routine for many. But what do you do if you get sick in the sauna? In this article, we get to the bottom of the causes of this problem and present some possible solutions.

Conscious breathing can lower blood pressure, relieve pain and reduce anxiety

Respiratory therapy

The way we breathe has a great impact on the quality of our lives. We take it for granted, and yet the habits we form throughout our lives in the way we breathe determine our health. Respiratory therapy is designed to promote a healthier level of self-awareness, conscious living and creative expression.

Sauna cleanses the body and relaxes our psyche

What effect does the sauna have on our psyche?

Sauna is more than wellness. It not only cleanses our body, but also relaxes our psyche. But how does the sauna affect the psyche? Many people ask themselves this question. It is clear that the comforting warmth relaxes. But what exactly is the effect of relaxation? We have taken a close look at this question for you. We also tell you how to enhance the positive effects.

Relax! 13 simple relaxation tips

Tips for relaxation and stress relief

Do you often feel stressed? Do you feel that you are no longer up to your tasks because you lack the strength? Do you often wake up at night or find it hard to fall asleep because your head won’t shut off? If so, you are probably suffering from stress symptoms and should act quickly before your body puts you out of commission.

Relaxation techniques & relaxation exercises to recharge your batteries

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques can help you in many situations. Whether you’re under a lot of stress or battling anxiety in your day-to-day life. Even children can benefit from relaxation techniques. Because even the little ones are already rushing through your everyday life. Just think about the long hours at school, all the homework and the pressure to perform. We now present four techniques that you can learn in no time and easily apply.

Can I go to the sauna if I have neurodermatitis?

With neurodermatitis in the sauna?

Sauna sessions have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and the body’s defenses. In addition, our skin benefits in many ways from the hot and cold stimuli. Should people with neurodermatitis therefore also go to the sauna regularly?