Sauna helps with extreme muscle tension

Tense muscles are a painful problem that affects the daily lives of many people. We tell you why a visit to the sauna can provide relief.
Going to the sauna for muscle tension is very helpful

Going to the sauna for muscle tension is very helpful

Tense neck and back muscles can be very unpleasant and not infrequently lead to headaches. Especially if you sit a lot during work and have stress on top of that, tensions of the neck and back muscles accompanied by headaches often occur. To effectively relieve tension, a visit to the sauna is very suitable. The warmth of the sauna stimulates blood circulation, which often has a positive effect on tense muscles.

Relieving tension through heat

Another factor that makes regular saunas an effective way to relieve tension in the long term is the relaxation effect that basically occurs during a sauna session. A mixture of relaxation and warmth, as provided by a sauna, quickly relieves tension. A visit to the sauna can make muscle tension disappear for the moment, but it does not change its causes. This is because they are often caused by incorrect posture and can only be permanently prevented by correcting it.

Pay attention to sitting posture

For this reason, it can be helpful to change your usual sitting position at work and to pay attention to your posture in other ways as well. To combat pain caused by muscle tension, exercise is particularly important, in addition to going to the sauna. Even if this is rather unpleasant for many of those affected at first, exercise has proven to be a helpful measure for muscle tension.

Sauna infusions relieve muscle tension

In addition to the heat, which is crucial for the positive effect of a sauna visit on muscle tension, the ambience also plays a major role. After all, relieving tension in the neck and back has a lot to do with relaxation and well-being. So a visit to the sauna is all the more relaxing if you feel comfortable there.

Apart from a well-kept and inviting environment, it is above all the infusions in a sauna that contribute to the fact that one likes to be there. However, sauna infusions are not only recommended for their generally relaxing effect on tension, but also often offer specific essential oils that can initiate a relaxation process for muscle tension.

Which infusions are suitable for muscle tension

One infusion that is very helpful for relieving muscle tension has proportions of honey and primarily promotes blood circulation. Due to its antispasmodic effect, rosemary is also very popular for infusions that work against muscle tension. Lavender, birch, and juniper have a relaxing effect. In addition to a visit to the sauna to relieve muscle tension, relaxation baths are also very useful. Noble care baths and bath additives unfold with a bath, similarly as the infusions in the Sauna, a calming and very relaxing effect.

Infrared cabins – sauna in pleasant warmth

Since the beneficial effect of a sauna on muscle tension is primarily due to the heat of the sauna, infrared cabins are also suitable for muscle relaxation. Unlike a conventional sauna, an infrared cabin does not heat the air in the room, but generates heat through infrared radiators. This heat is described as very pleasant and relaxing.

For this reason, infrared cabins are very popular to treat muscle tension. Depending on the type, infrared cabins only reach a temperature of 25 to 65 degrees, but this is ideal for the treatment of muscle tension. Due to the nature of the heat source, there are also no infusions in infrared cabins and sweating is not a priority to the same extent as in the much hotter conventional saunas.

Deep heat relieves painful muscle tension

Thanks to their small dimensions, infrared cabins are a space-saving alternative to conventional saunas and are also correspondingly less expensive. Especially when saunas are primarily intended to relax and cure muscle tension in the sauna, infrared cabins perform well. Of course, the Finnish sauna is also an optimal place to relax and get rid of muscle tension, but in an infrared cabin you can do this very purposefully.

Muscle tension – a condition you can do something about

Experts and sufferers agree that sauna is one of the most effective methods to successfully relieve muscle tension. However, the fastest way to get rid of pain in the neck and back muscles is to combine different therapies and approaches.

Alternative treatments for muscle tension

For example, after a relaxing sauna session, it can’t hurt to treat the affected areas with appropriate ointments. Furthermore, exercise and a stay in the sauna for muscle tension can also take place one after the other. Some caution should be exercised, on the other hand, if you plan to take a bath after a sauna.

For the heat of the sauna, despite all the positive effects, is also exhausting for the body, which is why you should not expect him immediately after another hot bath. Although, many people do not consider it appropriate to visit a sauna with a headache, this is helpful in the case of headaches caused by tension according to many sufferers, however, to stop them.


Sauna visits for muscle tension are very helpful for most people plagued by this problem and provide you with a striking improvement in the short term. Of the many positive effects that saunas have on human health, the one on muscle tension is very clear, as relief often occurs while taking a sauna or shortly thereafter. A sauna is a real relief for muscle tension and does good.


Sauna oils to relieve muscle tension

Sauna baths are excellent for relieving muscle tension and discomfort. The heat and steam in the sauna in combination with essential oils have a muscle-relaxing, circulation-enhancing and pain-relieving effect.

Especially for extreme muscle tension, there are some infusion additives that are particularly effective. One such infusion additive is, for example, a mixture of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus or mint. These oils have soothing and pain-relieving properties. When poured onto the hot stones during sauna infusion, their aromatic vapors spread throughout the room and can help relieve tension.

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