Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques can help you in many situations. Whether you're under a lot of stress or battling anxiety in your day-to-day life. Even children can benefit from relaxation techniques. Because even the little ones are already rushing through your everyday life. Just think about the long hours at school, all the homework and the pressure to perform. We now present four techniques that you can learn in no time and easily apply.
Relaxation techniques & relaxation exercises to recharge your batteries

Relaxation techniques & relaxation exercises to recharge your batteries

Your boss gives you one task after another? You don’t even know what to start with. Then steal a few minutes. When you’re stressed, it helps to let your eyes wander. While you are working, your gaze is mostly fixed on the screen. Just avert it for a few minutes. Look out of the window, for example, and take a deep breath. You will see that it is much easier to work afterward.

The classic – counting sheep

If you are looking for a relaxation technique to fall asleep, you can rely on a good old classic. The sheep counting. As trite as it sounds, it really helps. Relax, imagine a green meadow with a fence. And then start counting. You have to concentrate so much that stress and hectic are forgotten. After all, it’s just you and your cute little sheep. Surely you have already fallen asleep at sheep number 20.

Use of simple tricks

We all get into a situation that causes us anxiety at some point. Many, for example, when they get on an airplane. Actually, these people know that probably nothing will happen. Still, you are not comfortable with the thought. Relaxation techniques also help with anxiety. The simplest trick is to clench your fists as tightly as you can. That way, you pack all your tension into that one movement. When you open your fists again, everything goes a little easier. If necessary, repeat this exercise.

Dream journey for the little ones

Your child has trouble sleeping at night or is often restless? A possible cause could be the stress that weighs on little ones these days. There are exercises for children that will help them become calmer. The simplest and most effective are dream journeys. These are short stories in which children experience an exciting adventure – and come to rest.

Relaxation techniques – Conclusion

No matter why you need relaxation. There are techniques you can use to take a short time out. For most of them, you don’t need a lot of time or knowledge. Just get involved with the different relaxation techniques. Try autogenic training for example!

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