What is conscious breathing?

Conscious breathing is a form of meditation

Meditation can also be practiced through conscious breathing exercises. This practice of conscious breathing will help you center yourself, improve your ability to concentrate, and calm your hectic thoughts. You can practice these breathing exercises just about anywhere and at any time of the day. Even experienced meditators often begin their meditation by focusing their attention on their breathing. In this way, one experiences a state of inner peace.

Effective relaxation exercises to reduce stress formation

Relaxation exercises to reduce stress

You can do relaxation exercises almost anywhere. So it doesn’t matter whether they are in bed, in the sauna, in the office or on a desert island in the Caribbean. All of them can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. They help you relieve stress – whenever you need it.

Relaxation techniques & relaxation exercises to recharge your batteries

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques can help you in many situations. Whether you’re under a lot of stress or battling anxiety in your day-to-day life. Even children can benefit from relaxation techniques. Because even the little ones are already rushing through your everyday life. Just think about the long hours at school, all the homework and the pressure to perform. We now present four techniques that you can learn in no time and easily apply.