Respiratory therapy

The way we breathe has a great impact on the quality of our lives. We take it for granted, and yet the habits we form throughout our lives in the way we breathe determine our health. Respiratory therapy is designed to promote a healthier level of self-awareness, conscious living and creative expression.
Conscious breathing can lower blood pressure, relieve pain and reduce anxiety

Conscious breathing can lower blood pressure, relieve pain and reduce anxiety

Breathing therapy targets the only involuntary organ function that we can specifically influence. Every person breathes several thousand times a day without realizing it. If we consciously control this process, it can be used therapeutically. For example, to reduce stress. When we are under stress, we breathe quickly and shallowly. This can have devastating consequences, such as high blood pressure, concentration problems and lack of strength. Breath therapy counters this shallow breathing with conscious, deep breathing. The exercises of this therapy can be perfectly integrated into your everyday life. You don’t need any special tools, not much time, and you can do the exercises at any place.

Breathing therapy and its effects

But first, let’s take a closer look at the effect of these techniques. Many say that they work like a massage or oxygen shower from the inside. And there is some truth in that. Through conscious breathing, the cells are better supplied with oxygen, blood pressure can drop, and the metabolism is stimulated. Some even manage to reduce anxiety. The therapy takes advantage of the fact that the breathing center and brain stem are closely connected. Breathing consciously collects your thoughts and helps you concentrate better. A feeling of relaxation quickly sets in.

Two methods of therapy

Usually you learn the technique in courses. Two methods of therapy you can integrate particularly well into everyday life, without practicing long beforehand. The first is the so-called alternate breathing. Hold one nostril closed while breathing in. Breathe in deeply until your belly bulges. Then hold the other nostril closed and breathe out slowly and consciously. Repeat these steps a few times. You will see that you soon become calmer. Especially if you have been agitated before, you will benefit from this exercise. Your blood pressure will drop, and you will be able to take it easy.

The basis of breathing therapy

If you want to calm down quickly in between, abdominal breathing will help you. It is the basis of respiratory therapy. Stretch your arms upward while inhaling and take a very deep breath. When you slowly exhale, bring your arms back down just as slowly. Place your hands on your abdomen. This technique can boost your metabolism if used regularly. In any case, it will quickly help you relieve stress. Why don’t you try some relaxation techniques?

Breathing Therapy – Conclusion

So you see, respiratory therapy can do a lot for you. You don’t need to take a course to benefit from it. However, if you want to go deeper, it is still advisable to learn from a professional.


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