Sauna bathing is the best way to relieve stress

Sauna has become a way of life for many people. Time in the sauna not only feels good, but is also the best way to relieve stress.
Sauna is the best way to relieve stress

Sauna and wellness is the best way to relieve stress

Sauna bathing is the best way to relieve stress. Stress is a factor that makes people get sick. On this point, medical experts agree, alternative as well as conventional. That is, if you want to live well and healthy, you need to avoid stress. However, this does not work very well in our hectic everyday lives. The phone rings incessantly and the boss demands more and more. What can you do?

Wellness and recreation against stress

The only way is to reduce stress sustainably. Here, wellness and recreation are the most important keywords. But where do we find them? In the good old sauna, of course. Studies have already proven this several times. We explain why this is so and how you can get even more out of sauna bathing for yourself.

Sauna bathing keeps you healthy

Yes, the heat is healthy. This is shown by more and more studies from different parts of the world. Almost all researchers have the same assumption as to what this might be due to, among other things: Sauna-goers decelerate. They sit down in the pleasant warmth, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and simply switch off for once. Between individual sauna sessions, they also take breaks that allow them to fully relax.

Sauna bathing has an influence on our psyche

In addition, they still profit from a medical benefit: In the heat, the body temperature rises and this has an immediate effect on the muscles. They relax, which has a great influence on the entire organism as well as the psyche.

The brain can let go of the thoughts of the day and simply think about nothing. If you can’t do that immediately, you should choose a sweat lodge with soft music background. The sounds will help you stop the carousel of thoughts and drift off into tranquility. Wellness for body and mind, in other words.

The Finns call this “Sisu”

It is already very nice to sweat in a normal sauna bath. You enjoy the pleasant warmth and the great scents here. Surely you will also find a pool in your favorite bath, where you can relax your soul during the breaks.

Sauna in the nature

When it comes to beating stress, however, you should take a sauna in nature for once. There are now many ways to do this. It already helps if the sweat lodge offers a view of trees and bushes through a glass window.

Sisu: The Finnish way to courage, endurance and inner strength

Even more awesome is to enjoy a bath in a mobile sauna in the middle of the forest. This is where your inner fire, which the Finns call “sisu”, is really kindled. You can now rent such facilities in many places.

This is certainly not an experience that you can treat yourself to several times a week. But you should try it once, perhaps before a particularly stressful period.


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