Sauna infusions against stress and mental exhaustion

A visit to the sauna is an excellent way to switch off and forget the stress of everyday life: Just forget everything, enjoy yourself and let your thoughts wander - in a sauna you really have time for yourself.
Soothing sauna infusions for body and soul

Soothing sauna infusions for body and soul

A visit to the sauna is a treat for body and soul – and something to be enjoyed with all the senses. This is especially true for saunas, where guests are pampered with fragrances. Special essential oils are used for this purpose, which are carefully selected by the operators because, after all, they all have a certain effect on the body – be it invigorating, calming or relaxing. How a sauna infusion can help against stress and exhaustion and what aromas are available, we present here.

Sauna infusion – a benefit and a challenge for the body

As relaxing as a sauna infusion can feel to the respiratory system, it can also be a challenge to our cardiovascular system. Especially as an inexperienced sauna guest, it is important not to sit directly on the top benches during an infusion. The higher up you sit, the higher the temperature and the more you feel the higher humidity caused by the infusion. Here it is very important to listen to your body. Because if it gets too hot for you, you should not hesitate and rather leave the sauna immediately, so as not to stress your body unnecessarily.

The performance of a sauna infusion is the responsibility of the sauna master

Usually, the infusion is always performed by a sauna or bath attendant. Before the water is infused by him, fresh air is usually introduced into the sauna cabin. Then the steam is evenly distributed in the sauna room by waving towels. Important: Guests are not usually allowed to pour water onto the hot stones themselves – certainly not if there are other people in the sauna cabin.

For a very special wellness effect in the sauna, infusions are often enriched with various essences. There is now a wide variety of different products available, but it is advisable to use natural or nature-identical aromatic substances. This is because products with chemical ingredients cannot be ruled out as having a harmful effect on health. The variety of aromas for sauna infusions is large: from chamomile to lavender and eucalyptus to pine, the selection is wide.

Relaxing with sauna infusions: How natural aromas can counteract stress

Using essential oils as sauna infusions is not only a treat for our nose, but can also greatly benefit our respiratory system and mood. So it definitely makes a difference which aroma you choose: While peppermint has a very relaxing effect, promotes concentration and relieves exhaustion, rosemary counteracts listlessness and fatigue. For a particularly calming effect, lavender is still a classic, as it is said to reduce physical and mental tension as well as combat nervousness.

But there are also scents that immediately lift the mood, fight depression and strengthen concentration, such as citrus aromas like bergamot, orange or lemon. These oils, in the form of an infusion, free the body and mind from emotional stress and help to simply unwind.

What is important when choosing essential oils for a sauna infusion

If you have your own sauna at home and therefore also perform the infusions yourself, you will be spoiled for choice when buying a fragrance product. This can be a concentrate or a liquid fragrance. Perfume oils are in principle not suitable for use as infusions in the sauna. The designation “fragrance oil” does not indicate whether the product in question is a pure essential oil.

In any case, it should also be suitable for inhalation in the sauna. Under no circumstances, however, should the oil be dripped directly onto the sauna stones – there is an acute risk of fire here! Instead, a few drops of it are mixed with a larger amount of water, which is then poured onto the heater with a ladle.

Tips for the correct behavior during a sauna infusion

Most people find the sauna session particularly relaxing, only with an aromatic infusion. This is because the humidity increases significantly for a short time and you sweat even more. But there are also people who simply find it too hot during the sauna. Basically, if you find it too hot on the upper benches, you should sit on the lower benches or leave the sauna if the heat is uncomfortable.

During the actual infusion, the sauna master pour’s water onto the sauna stones with a ladle. Now the water vapor spreads on the ceiling of the sauna cabin. This can be followed by a second or even third ladle full of water. It is of utmost importance for every sauna visitor to always listen to their body during their time in the sauna cabin. After all, a sauna session should first and foremost be restorative and relaxing – but that is only the case if you feel good.


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