Sauna cabin

Sauna infusions with aromas from the forest

Get the forest in the sauna

The right choice of fragrance experience is a very crucial wellness factor for the infusion in the dry sauna. Natural and near-natural scents are particularly popular with most sauna-goers for good reasons, and not just because of their calming, vitalizing and harmonizing effects.

At what sauna temperature do you sweat best?

At which sauna temperature is it best to sweat?

Sauna fans love the comforting warmth of the sauna, where they can relax and forget the stress of everyday life. However, opinions differ on the question of the optimal temperature in the sauna room. Here we have some interesting information for you about it.

Sauna master - a hot but rewarding job

Sauna Master – The hottest workplace in the world!

Sauna masters are among the few people who work daily in an environment that often reaches temperatures in excess of 194 °F. They are responsible for the well-being and safety of sauna visitors and must have a range of skills and knowledge to perform their job successfully.

What really sucks in the sauna?

Bad habits that annoy in the sauna

How do you behave when you are in a public sauna and other people’s behavior gets on your nerves? Can you look forward to a visit to the sauna knowing that some people do not follow the rules and disturb others? In this article, we will address these very issues and give you tips on how to behave correctly in a sauna so that you and everyone else have a relaxing time.

A visit to the sauna is so healthy

Sauna for health

If you sauna properly and wisely, you will get many benefits from sweating in the sauna cabin. The cardiovascular system gets going, the skin’s appearance and the body’s own defenses improve, muscles relax and the psyche is brightened.

How to make the dream of your own sauna come true

Your way to your own home sauna

The stressful everyday life leaves people rather little time to breathe. Therefore, it is important to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Ideal for this is a visit to a sauna, which can have a positive effect on the organism and the soul. In addition, such a sweat bath strengthens the immune system and thus protects against flu-like infections, especially in the colder season.

Sauna floor covering: Which floor is suitable for your sauna?

How to find the right sauna floor!

When a sauna cabin is purchased, the interior with lighting, the sauna heater or even the ventilation are usually first in the foreground of the planning. At the same time, for a safe, pleasant and relaxing sauna experience, the floor is certainly of equal importance.

Sauna & Wellness in combination with Corona?

Sauna hygiene in times of Corona

No one will deny that sauna has a positive effect on physical and mental health. But what about when viruses like the new Coronavirus complicate our lives? Is it still advisable to go to the sauna? We think the answer is self-evident: Yes! Finally, it is especially important now to strengthen the immune system.

Do not be afraid of the first visit to the sauna

Sauna for beginners

The first time in the sauna? Sauna novices often panic before their first time in the sauna because they do not know how to behave. We provide assistance for your first visit to the sauna.

Why should sauna bathing be healthy in principle?

When sauna makes you sick!

As we all know, sauna is healthy and therefore very popular among many devotees. So in German saunas, people sweat as much as their bodies can. Even with existing complaints, a sauna session can support healing. But be careful! Sauna is not always good, there are also limitations.