Sauna Master – The hottest workplace in the world!

Sauna masters are among the few people who work daily in an environment that often reaches temperatures in excess of 194 °F. They are responsible for the well-being and safety of sauna visitors and must have a range of skills and knowledge to perform their job successfully.
Sauna master - a hot but rewarding job

Sauna master – a hot but rewarding job

As a sauna master, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of sauna visitors. Not only do you need to be an expert in saunas, but you also need to be a good host, understanding the needs of your guests and providing them with a pleasant experience.

The job requires excellent physical condition and stamina, as you often spend several hours in the sauna performing multiple tasks at once, such as the infusion ritual, towel and beverage service, and monitoring safety measures. Sauna masters must also be able to respond quickly and provide first aid in emergencies, such as overheating or circulation problems.

Although working as a sauna master can be very demanding, it also offers many benefits, such as the opportunity to work in a relaxing and quiet environment and have direct contact with people. For those who are looking for a challenge and enjoy working with people, becoming a sauna master can be an extremely rewarding job.

A normal working day at 194 °F degrees

Michael B. Sauna master with passion tells about his work. As a sauna master, I am an important worker in the health and wellness sector. However, I do not practice a state-recognized training profession, because in principle anyone who fulfills my activities can call himself a sauna master – no matter what training he has completed. However, there are companies that require a professional training in the health sector as a prerequisite.

The work as a sauna master: the most important activities and tasks

First and foremost, my main task as a sauna master is to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the sauna as well as the comprehensive care of the sauna guests. In addition, I make sure that all the technical equipment is in perfect working order and that the usual hygiene regulations are observed. But it’s not just administrative and operational tasks that are important: I focus in particular on ensuring that sauna visits are as health-promoting as possible for guests. After all, the primary purpose of a sauna is to allow oneself to rest and relax.

In the health sector, as a sauna master I can also act as a consultant: As part of therapy or rehabilitation measures, I inform sauna guests about the effects of the sauna cabin on their health and also warn them about possible risks.

The areas of application of a sauna master

As a sauna master, I perform an advisory function for the sauna guests and at the same time ensure that the sauna functions properly. For this reason, I can work in a wide variety of facilities, such as public saunas, leisure and adventure pools, wellness centers and hotels, sanatoriums, or even spa centers and rehabilitation clinics.

As a rule, the sauna master performs his work full-time and therefore works 40 hours a week. Basically, however, the working hours depend on the corresponding facility. So it can happen that I also have to work on weekends or in the evenings, as long as the saunas are open. Especially in hotels, spas or adventure pools, the saunas are usually open seven days a week. In return, of course, I get an equivalent amount of time off on other days of the week.

Because my main work takes place mainly in the sauna and its immediate surroundings, and this activity is relatively physically demanding, it is advantageous for me to wear work clothes that are as light as possible. Often, female sauna masters are dressed in swimwear and wrap a towel around their hips. As a male sauna master, I can also work with my upper body exposed.

A working day as a sauna master

High temperatures should not be a problem for a sauna master. Depending on the shift I work, my day begins with heating the sauna heater, possibly preparing essential oils, and regulating the temperature of the sauna room. Then I prepare infusions, scrubs and other components that are provided to the guests. In the meantime, I naturally assist and advise the sauna guests if they have any questions or problems. Important topics are, among others, the optimal length of stay in the sauna cabin, the infusion or also when it is best to take a foot bath, a cold shower or rest phases.

These skills are important for a sauna master

Without a doubt, as a supervisor in a sauna, you need to be multi-talented. The job by no means only involves pouring water on the sauna heater, but also a good overview, strong coordination skills and a good physical condition. At the same time, one takes care of the guests, is available for questions and ensures that everything works properly. Because in this day and age, saunas are very versatile and often equipped with a wide variety of extras – these can be different therapies, aroma infusions, speakers and much more. Of course, all of this has to be monitored and checked regularly – that’s what I’m responsible for. One thing is certain: my job is different every day, so it’s never boring in any case.

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