Sauna master

Sauna master - a hot but rewarding job

Sauna Master – The hottest workplace in the world!

Sauna masters are among the few people who work daily in an environment that often reaches temperatures in excess of 194 °F. They are responsible for the well-being and safety of sauna visitors and must have a range of skills and knowledge to perform their job successfully.

Meditation infusion with Tibetan singing bowls

What is a meditation infusion?

Meditation infusions help you relax, recover and regenerate your entire body-mind system. The sound frequencies are healing and beneficial for body, mind and soul.

How can I recognize a sauna tensioner?

Peeping Tom in Sauna

In the sauna, all participants are naked, and it is not out of the question that the gaze is once accidentally directed at the other person. The situation is different when people only visit such locations in order to specifically observe other people. The following article explains how to recognize a peeping tom in the sauna, how to react in such a situation, and what to do about it.