Peeping Tom in Sauna

In the sauna, all participants are naked, and it is not out of the question that the gaze is once accidentally directed at the other person. The situation is different when people only visit such locations in order to specifically observe other people. The following article explains how to recognize a peeping tom in the sauna, how to react in such a situation, and what to do about it.
How can I recognize a sauna tensioner?

How can I recognize a sauna peeping Tom?

Peeping Toms in most cases do not even try to look elsewhere. They often stare in the direction of the victim for extra minutes. This understandably makes them feel more and more uncomfortable. Exposed sauna visitors are an easy target. After all, they are sitting directly opposite the peeping tom and that too naked. It is even more conspicuous when he keeps holding a seemingly normal object in the direction of his victims. For example, it is not uncommon for a shower gel bottle to contain a camera. With this, the Peeping Tom films what happens in the sauna and perhaps even uploads it to the Internet.

More and more frequently, we hear about such incidents in wellness spas. But how can the victims protect themselves from the peeping toms? After all, they have no way of knowing whether they are really holding a camera in their hands. It could also be just a shower gel or another normal object.

What should I do in such a situation?

If sauna guests fear that they are being observed, they should leave the sauna immediately. If they are even being filmed/photographed, they must also inform the pool attendant or the sauna master. He usually makes an extensive inspection every hour. Otherwise, he can be found at a fixed place.

What legal options does the sauna guest have to take action against this?

If a peeping tom only looks at his victims, there is not much that can be done from a legal point of view. However, if this happens more often and, above all, obviously, the pool attendant can issue a warning. However, if he harasses his victims, he may even be banned from the premises. If he has also taken videos or pictures of them, charges should be filed.

What can be done about it?

To prevent sauna guests from being disturbed and stared at, many wellness centers have introduced a women’s day or men’s day. On these days, the opposite sex is not allowed in. Otherwise, the bath attendant should always be informed if a guest feels that he or she is being observed. After all, the sauna is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet where you can relax.

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