Even in a mixed sauna there are rules!

What is a mixed sauna?

If you want to visit a sauna, you may come across the term “mixed sauna”. Especially for beginners, this is often followed by a surprise when they find themselves in a room and realize that both women and men are present.

In these countries nudity is not desired

In these countries nude sauna is forbidden

In Germany’s saunas, bare skin is the most natural thing in the world. For hygienic reasons, swimming trunks and bikinis are prohibited in this country. “Other countries other customs”. In some countries, naked saunas are even frowned upon. Here you should in any case observe the typical sauna rules of the country.

Naked in the sauna - unwritten laws in the sauna.

Naked in the sauna

In Germany, we are among the world champions in saunas. But what are the rules in public saunas? Is it obligatory to be naked in the sauna or can I cover myself with a towel. In the sauna there are rules and unwritten laws, we clarify.