That’s why you should sleep naked after sauna

After the sauna, you sleep much better. Even better if you get into bed naked. We have eight good reasons for you why this is so.
8 good reasons why you should sleep naked after sauna

8 good reasons why you should sleep naked after sauna

You probably already know that you sleep pretty well after a sauna. Why this is so, we have explained in detail in this article “Better sleep after sauna”. But you can sleep even better. Namely, when you lie naked in your bed. Especially after a pleasant sweat bath, you will travel unimagined gently into the land of dreams. Just try it, even if it seems unusual at the beginning. We have eight good reasons for you why it is simply better to sleep naked. By the way, this is not only the case after a relaxing sauna bath.

1. Your body temperature is regulated

After the sauna, you are heated up. Despite all the positive effects, this can disturb your sleep, especially if you prefer a cool sleeping climate. Your body cools down when you sleep. But if you wear warm, fluffy pajamas, this process is disturbed. Especially if you still have a bit of residual heat stored up, you’ll quickly find drops of sweat on your forehead.

But if you go to bed without clothes, your organism can work in peace. It cools down, and your blanket ensures that you don’t get too cold. So you can wrap up relaxed and romp in the land of dreams until the next morning.

2. Sleep hormones are released

The hormone melatonin regulates our sleep phases. The more of it you have in your body, the better you sleep. As far as this thing is concerned, you’ve already done a lot right by going to the sauna. The pleasant warmth stimulates the production of this hormone anyway. But more is not harmful at all in this case.

If you go to bed naked, the production is stimulated even more. It is additionally stimulated by the light conditions and the temperature in the room. So if it’s pleasantly cool and pitch dark, you certainly don’t have to count sheep.

3. You revive your partnership

Another thing with hormones. This time it’s about the bonding hormone oxytocin. This causes us to feel attracted to our partner. When the two of you lie next to each other, just as God created you, it is released. This also provides a feeling of happiness and lets you slumber comfortably and deeply. Unless you both fall over each other right away.

Studies have shown that people who sleep naked have sex more often. Why? Well, scientists have not really found out the reason. But it’s obvious: naked doesn’t bother you with annoying pajamas. More sex will make your relationship more intimate, you’ll be happier – and you’ll sleep even better.

4. The stress of the day falls off you

It’s crazy what sleeping naked does to our hormones. You can also regulate the production of the stress hormone cortisol in this way. There’s a simple reason for this: when you sweat under the covers, your body releases more cortisol. It thinks that something bad must have happened, because otherwise you wouldn’t be sweating. So the whole relaxing effect of your sauna visit would be gone.

But see reason one: when you sleep naked, you help your body regulate its temperature. So you’re also making sure that stress hormone isn’t released – and you can sleep soundly through the night.

5. You increase your well-being

Just like a relaxing day in the sauna, you can do something good for your body by sleeping naked. This way, the blood can circulate better in your body. This in turn makes you feel more comfortable. And if you feel good, it’s easy to drift off into the land of dreams. In addition, you will sleep much more deeply and wake up less often. By the way, this is also a reason why doctors advise people with sleep disorders to avoid wearing clothes at night.

6. You keep your good figure

When we sleep badly, we wake up. And in this case, where does the first course often lead? Well caught, to the toilet. But on the way back at the latest, most of us pass the refrigerator – and treat ourselves to a load of sweets. That’s because the body is trying to compensate for the lack of sleep. Because in slumberland, every oxytocin (happiness and bonding hormone) is released. This is what your organism needs. And if it can’t get it from sleep, it’ll get it from sugar. If you sleep better, you will avoid these cravings – and your good figure will be preserved.

7. You protect yourself from bacteria and fungi

“Let some air in!” We often got these prompts from grandma when we had a little scrape. But the old lady’s tip applies in principle to the whole body, especially its most intimate parts. If it is too warm, fungi and bacteria can spread unhindered on the moist mucous membranes.

The consequences are extremely unpleasant, we don’t need to explain that to you. If you do not wear fluffy pajamas and tight underpants, air gets to these areas. As a result, the body is able to regulate the temperature – and bacteria and fungi no longer have a chance.

8. You can do without a shower in the morning

Are you also one of those people who can’t do without a shower in the morning because they sweat too much at night? This ritual, which you could actually do without, takes away half an hour of sleep time. Just skip the pajamas or nightgown at night and your body will take care of things on its own. As long as it’s not the height of summer, you’ll hardly sweat in your sleep this way – and you can even stay in the land of dreams a little longer.


Sleeping naked after a sauna session offers many benefits, from regulating body temperature to protecting you from bacteria. It can invigorate relationships, increase well-being, and even help maintain your figure. It may seem unusual at first, but the health and emotional benefits could make it a valuable addition to your sleep and wellness routine.


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