Why do people go naked to the sauna in Germany?

In Germany's saunas, there are clear rules regarding clothing. The reason why we have to be naked in the sauna in Germany, you can find out here.
Naked facts in Germany's saunas

Naked facts in Germany’s saunas

For many people, the thought of taking a sauna brings beads of sweat to their foreheads. But that’s not at all because it’s so warm there. Rather, they are afraid to show themselves naked in public. There are many reasons for this. Some may be ashamed of their body, others want to escape the lecherous looks of tighteners. But why is that actually the case? After all, sauna-goers in other countries are perfectly allowed to wear swimwear. We have investigated for you.

Do I really have to sweat naked?

We live in a free country. It must be possible to visit the sauna in a bathing suit. But in the sweat lodges the operators have the domiciliary right. That is why they can determine what people should wear on the wooden benches. In most cases, the answer is nothing. So that everyone knows this, it is pointed out directly at the entrance. This means that all guests know what they have let themselves in for. There is no law requiring sauna operators to do so. Everyone decides for himself for his operation. In the private sauna, you can hold it anyway you want.

To ensure that everyone adheres to the obligation of nudity, the lifeguards keep an eye on it. If they catch someone in clothes, they will ask them to undress. After all, no one should feel uncomfortable in the spa because they are naked.

How can this obligation be elegantly avoided?

Good, we would have clarified that you really can’t wear swimwear as a rule. But that doesn’t mean you have to expose your body to the stares of the other guests. The trick is simple and probably even familiar to you: Wrap a towel around your body. Women can tie it directly over the breasts. If you want even more privacy, you can also use a bathrobe. You have to take it off in the sauna, but you don’t have to drop the towel. It is recommended to have another one with you to sit on.

By the way, it is quite possible to hide a bathing suit or bikini under the towel. So no one sees the swimwear and you feel safer. No employee will think of checking if you are really naked under the towel.

Why is that?

If people elsewhere sweat in clothes, why does everyone in Germany have to be naked? The German Sauna Association explains this duty with hygiene. The sweat could flow off better on the bare skin. In clothing, it would take hold.

However, there is still no firm scientific evidence on this point. Ultimately, the sweat is also caught in the towel that sauna-goers wrap around themselves.

Where exactly this custom comes from is unknown. Probably, Germans simply adopted the tradition from the motherland of sauna, Finland. Which was certainly not a problem in the past, because men and women sweated separately. Since the hot pleasure is popular among both sexes, there are always discussions about the duty of nudity.

No rule without exception

The operators of large pools have also noticed this – and have relaxed the rules a little. They also want to appeal to customers whose sense of shame would otherwise keep them from sweating. Nevertheless, you want most of the sauna visitors to be naked. If you have big problems with going to the bathroom without textiles, you should approach the staff. They will probably be anxious to find a settlement.

Women can usually go to special saunas or ladies’ days. Here you can also go to the sweat lodge without a bathing suit, but the ladies are completely among themselves. This already takes away a large part of the shame.

Those who want to test without obligation whether the sweating pleasure is something for them can also visit the steam bath in the swimming pool. It is often not part of the sauna area and is visited with swimwear.

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