You have heard the word many times, but do not know what it means? Then come with us on a trip to Finland.
The Finnish sauna steam

The Finnish sauna steam

The word löyly has been circulating in the sauna world for several years. But what it is exactly, not everyone knows. It is not a new trend, but a phenomenon that is well known to all of us. We’ll enlighten you on what it has to do with.

When water becomes a glow

The word löyly comes from Finland. This is not surprising. After all, Finns love hot pleasure and have numerous words for it. But the translation of this term is almost banal: It means glowing breath. Specifically, it refers to the water vapor that forms during infusion. It is formed because the liquid evaporates on the hot stone.

This steam naturally hits the skin of the sauna guests. It is slightly cooler than the air in the rest of the room, and the hot air condenses. What sounds like complicated chemistry means nothing more than that drops form on the skin.

Many sauna beginners are initially irritated by this. Some assume that water is dripping from the ceiling. But this is completely wrong. It is nothing more than steam hitting the skin. This is completely harmless from a hygienic point of view. After all, the steam has not come into contact with another body beforehand.

A phenomenon much appreciated by fans

Unlike beginners, hardy sauna-goers love the löyly. After all, the water cools down a bit on the skin – and really revs up sweat production.

As a rule, the sauna master even increases the appeal of the löyly. He refines the hot air in the small room. This way, the humid hot air can reach every guest, regardless of whether they are seated in the upper or lower area of the sweat lodge.

You can even feel this steam directly. This is the case when the sauna master fans the hot air to the guests with jerky movements. Then a wave of hot air hits directly on the nose. It cannot be seen, but it can be felt – and within seconds drops of sweat form on the skin.

So what is a löyly sauna?

Finns are crazy about this löyly and have dedicated their own saunas to the phenomenon. These are sweat rooms with especially large ovens on which especially hot infusions are celebrated. Because in Finland the desire for a common sweat pleasure becomes ever larger, these saunas are sometimes also quite large. If you ever travel to Finland, you should definitely treat yourself to this experience. Here, the way of life of the jolly Europeans can be relived particularly well.

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“Löylynsielu” infusion container – for a mild, long-lasting sauna steam

A sauna visit is the traditional Finnish way to cleanse and relax. Some like very hot steam, while others crave a milder sauna experience. With the “Löylynsielu” infuser, the infusion can be regulated to suit everyone. The “Löylynsielu” infusion container can be used in most sauna heaters and is easy to install.

Move some sauna stones to place the “Löylynsielu” in their center, position the sauna stones around the product and enjoy the new sauna experience. When our patented “Löylynsielu” is filled, the infusion runs directly into the center of the sauna stones, where it slowly evaporates and provides rich, gentle steam. The resulting steam is long-lasting and increases the humidity in the sauna.

Höyry Löyly aus Finnland - “Löylynsielu”...


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