What is a meditation infusion?

Meditation infusions help you relax, recover and regenerate your entire body-mind system. The sound frequencies are healing and beneficial for body, mind and soul.
Meditation infusion with Tibetan singing bowls

Meditation infusion with Tibetan singing bowls

What is a meditation infusion? Have you asked yourself the same question? After all, you now read this name more and more often on the infusion schedule. But meditation and heat, does that go together? Absolutely. Whereby, we do not want to speak of heat here. It’s much more about a gentle comforting warmth. After all, guests should completely relax and focus on themselves. We explain exactly how this infusion and what it brings you.

How does a meditation infusion work?

Before we get into what happens during such an infusion, let’s take a look at the location. After all, not every sauna is suitable for such a gentle ceremony. The maximum temperature in the sweat room should be 60 degrees. Whereby variants are also possible in which the thermometer only rises to 40 or 50 degrees. That may sound like very little at first. However, you will see that you will still break a sweat.

Also, important is the Light in the sauna. This is because it must not be too bright in any case. It is best dimmed strongly or colored blue. This ensures that you can relax completely. A bright lamp would only interfere with this.

The highlight of the ceremony are the singing bowls. The Sauna master hits them gently. The quiet sound fills the entire room in an instant. It is not meant to distract you, but to do the complete opposite. As soon as the gentle sounds of the bowl hit your ears, letting go becomes easier.

Meditation infusion with essential oils

There’s a bit of real infusion in there, too. The sauna master puts a small amount of liquid on the hot stone. It is most often mixed with a relaxing essential oil added. Because things are gentle here, the liquid does not evaporate with a loud hiss. It’s more of a slow process that doesn’t really make the room feel warmer. Nevertheless, the sauna slowly but surely fills with the moist, fragrant air. The wag also falls flat, by the way. That would distract the guests too much.

Plan a little time for the meditation infusion. The ceremony itself usually lasts about half an hour. Afterwards, you should enjoy the pleasant warmth for a while before leaving the sauna.

What is the use of this infusion?

As you can imagine, this infusion is designed to relax you first and foremost. A combination of the tones of the singing bowls and the pleasant warmth has an effect. It’s just warm enough that tensions are released. You probably won’t break a big sweat. It is more of a moist film that forms on your skin. Enjoy these moments of tranquility, listen to the sounds and switch off.

After this infusion, a pleasant calm feeling spreads. You should not jump into the fray right now. Above all, do not put yourself under the ice-cold shower. This would immediately eliminate the relaxed feeling. Rather, take a few more moments and unwind. Whether you do it on a lounge chair or in a hot tub is up to you.

Even if you are one of the hard-core sauna fans, you should treat yourself to a meditation infusion once in a while. You will see: You will experience a completely new feeling of deep relaxation.


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When using a singing bowl, we can briefly set aside technique and focus on the beauty of the present moment. When we use a singing bowl as part of a regular meditative practice, we can create an “environment” in our body that is more open to healing. Combined with soothing warmth, facilitate access to theta and alpha brainwaves that open to cognition and calm the rational mind.

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