Essential oils for sauna

Combine pleasant fragrance with comforting warmth – that's what essential oils do in the sauna. But they can do much more than that.
Essential oils for sauna

A fragrance experience with natural essential oils

Essential oils for the sauna. Essential oils make the sauna experience complete. They support the experience with their scent. We explain exactly how they work – and how they are used. But your health will also benefit. You can influence your organism specifically with scents.

Depending on which scent you choose. Even symptoms of diseases can be alleviated in this way. But it depends on which quality you choose. After all, the essences directly hit your respiratory tract. You should make sure that you do not inhale any harmful substances. But do not worry. We will help you with the selection of essential oils.

Relaxed or invigorated – it depends on the scent

Imagine you are standing in the forest on a fresh summer morning. A brook is babbling nearby. You take a deep breath and feel fresh. Scents determine our well-being. Of course, this also works in the sauna. You can influence your relaxation experience with different scents. It’s as simple as it sounds.

For example, choose fresh scents if you want an invigorating effect. Lemon is the classic at this point. However, dare to try a blend of fragrances. All varieties that contain bergamot are recommended. But it also works the other way around. Fragrances like lavender let you relax even deeper.

They are always the right choice if you want to do something about insomnia, for example. But here, too, it doesn’t always have to be the classic. So there are all sorts of fragrance blends that promise deep relaxation. Particularly effective are all scents that come from trees.

Good for the soul, good for the body

A sauna fragrance can also have a positive effect on your health. Especially if you suffer from an annoying cold, essential oils bring relief. Just think of all the products from the drugstore. They all contain menthol. Why shouldn’t that help with a sauna bath, too. You have two options.

Firstly, there are crystals on the market that you can place on the sauna stone. They develop their effect slowly, but intensively. Of course, you can also buy classic oil, which you mix with water. This way you can determine the intensity yourself. Simply pour the mixture over the sauna stones.

Gentle or intense – you decide

Where we are on the subject. As you read, you are probably wondering how you get the scent into your sweat lodge in the first place. In principle, you can decide that for yourself. For example, if you just want to gently support your experience, simply add the scent to the sauna stone. Not pure, of course, that would be too much of a good thing. Dilute the oil with water. The more you put in, the more intense it will be. But do not overestimate. If you have chosen a good quality, just a few drops will work wonders.

An intense fragrance experience thanks to infusion

If you want to enjoy the fragrance intensively, make a sauna infusion. To do this, use water enriched with the oil. Again, remember, just a few drops are enough. Then pour the mixture onto a ladle and pour it onto the hot sauna stone. Afterward, diffuse the scent. You will notice that the scent spreads throughout the room in no time. After the infusion ceremony, it will smell good for several hours.

Sauna infusion with ice balls

Our tip: For a more sophisticated infusion, you can also use ice or snow balls. To do this, make a small depression in the center and drizzle the essential oil into it. Cool the heated stones with water or crushed ice, then place the ice balls or snow globes on the sauna stones and cover them with the remaining water or crushed ice. The sauna infusion is ready – take a deep breath and let the fragrant air glide over your skin!

Pay attention to the quality

You’ve probably already noticed: you will inhale the fragrance. That’s why you should pay attention to quality when buying. Some infusion concentrates you find in stores contain harmful additives. They can settle on your respiratory tract, especially because the humidity in the sauna is very high.

It makes your bronchial tubes dilate and the substances stick to your airways better. So use natural oils. As long as you do not have allergies, they will not harm you. Ask the store if they carry 100% natural essential oils. They are a little more expensive, but your health should be worth it to you.

Essential oils are not miracle elixirs, to be sure. But they can affect both your mood and your health. Most importantly, they enrich your sauna experience.


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