Sauna infusion

The 10 most frequently asked questions about sauna infusions

Frequently asked questions about sauna infusions

Welcome to our compact guide in which we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about sauna infusions. This guide is aimed at both sauna novices and experienced sauna-goers to deepen their knowledge of this relaxing and health-promoting ritual.

Thermal benefits and stimulation of the immune system

Feel-good warmth: sauna as a source of health and harmony

The cooler months often bring with them an increase in colds and health problems. During this time, sauna bathing proves to be a valuable means of strengthening the immune system and improving general well-being. The tradition of sauna bathing, which is deeply rooted in many cultures, offers more than just a pleasant source of warmth; it is a comprehensive health ritual.

The right sauna infusion for you

Which sauna infusion is right for me?

Sauna guests find energy-giving relaxation in the soothing sauna with its highlight: the infusion. This not only heats up the sauna users properly, but also spreads a wonderful fragrance. Interesting facts about the sauna infusion you will learn below.

Elegant and effective, this is how a fan infusion presents itself

What is a fan infusion?

Sauna lovers know that a successful infusion is one of the most beautiful moments during a sauna visit. Especially when an experienced sauna master is in charge in the sauna visited, infusions are often an unforgettable experience.

At what sauna temperature do you sweat best?

At which sauna temperature is it best to sweat?

Sauna fans love the comforting warmth of the sauna, where they can relax and forget the stress of everyday life. However, opinions differ on the question of the optimal temperature in the sauna room. Here we have some interesting information for you about it.

These 3 saunas are suitable for a sauna infusion with essential oils

Which sauna types are suitable for a sauna infusion?

The relaxing and healing effect of a sauna session can be further enhanced by a so-called sauna infusion. Most spas have a daily infusion schedule and a sauna master guides guests through each infusion ceremony. This special experience can also be created at home in your own sauna, but not every sauna is suitable for an infusion.

The history of sauna infusion

Sauna infusion: when water meets sizzling stones

A sauna infusion is a ritual that has been practiced in many cultures for centuries. Pouring water on hot stones creates steam, which increases the humidity in the sauna and thus provides a more intense sweating experience. In this article you will learn interesting facts about sauna infusions, their health benefits and how to best enjoy them.

What is a sauna infusion?

When is the perfect moment for a sauna infusion?

Successful planning of the sauna infusion can lead to an unforgettable experience. But when is the ideal time for an infusion? So far, there is no clear answer to this question. However, experiences of sauna visitors show that a number of factors should be taken into account to find the perfect moment for a sauna infusion.

How to do it right - sauna infusion in 7 steps

Infusion guide for sauna

Due to the high temperatures, your body eliminates impurities and harmful substances by sweating in the sauna. The heat relaxes the muscles and dilates the vessels, which in turn stimulates the circulation. The interaction of heat and cold also strengthens your immune system. To properly celebrate a sauna infusion is not so difficult. You can also use our instructions for your own home sauna.

What are menthol crystals?

Application of menthol crystals in the sauna

The use of menthol crystals in the sauna is an incredible experience. Find out here what the mysterious crystals are all about. In addition, you will learn how an infusion with sauna crystals works and other interesting facts about these crystals.

What is a snowball infusion or ice infusion?

Snowball infusion in the sauna

A journey into the world of sauna culture reveals a wide range of wellness experiences that can renew body and mind. In this context, the snowball infusion stands out as a fascinating option that promises an intense and refreshing experience.

With psoriasis in the sauna

With psoriasis in the sauna?

The course of a skin disease such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis or acne can even be positively affected by regular sauna visits. The skin is supplied with more blood and the metabolism is stimulated as a result. So there’s really nothing to be said against it. We’ll tell you what to look out for.

Do not be afraid of the first visit to the sauna

Sauna for beginners

The first time in the sauna? Sauna novices often panic before their first time in the sauna because they do not know how to behave. We provide assistance for your first visit to the sauna.