Which sauna types are suitable for a sauna infusion?

The relaxing and healing effect of a sauna session can be further enhanced by a so-called sauna infusion. Most spas have a daily infusion schedule and a sauna master guides guests through each infusion ceremony. This special experience can also be created at home in your own sauna, but not every sauna is suitable for an infusion.
These 3 saunas are suitable for a sauna infusion with essential oils

These 3 saunas are suitable for a sauna infusion with essential oils

During a sauna infusion, the upper stone layer of the sauna heater is doused with water. This water evaporates on the hot stones and the humidity inside the sauna increases. In the otherwise dry sauna, the water vapor collects in the upper part of the sauna and, over time, spreads throughout the sauna room.

The increased humidity supports the process of sweating and accelerates it. In most cases, however, not only normal water is poured over the stones during a sauna infusion, but this is mixed with a fragrance or aroma beforehand.

The scents have an invigorating or relaxing effect – popular infusion concentrates consist of eucalyptus, spruce, pine, menthol, mint, or lemon. Depending on the aroma of the infusion, it has an additional uplifting, circulation-promoting, relaxing, vitalizing or skin-care effect.

The classic infusion saunas

1. The Finnish sauna – the classic among saunas

The Finnish sauna, a traditional dry sauna, is a place of warmth and relaxation. The interior of the sauna is lined with wood and houses a stone stove. With temperatures ranging from 80 °C to 100 °C, it provides a pleasantly hot environment. The humidity in a Finnish sauna is usually around 10%, which helps ensure that even sauna novices can tolerate the high temperatures.

Infusions over the stone stove can increase the humidity up to 30%. This not only affects the humidity, but also increases the perceived temperature in the sauna. The infusion causes the water vapor to rise and is especially noticeable in the upper rows of the sauna. The hot and humid air envelops the body and gives an intense sauna experience.

Over time, the steam spreads throughout the room, filling the sauna with a pleasant aroma. The scent of the infusion, which blends with the natural wood aroma of the sauna, creates an inviting and soothing atmosphere. It creates a feeling of security and relaxation and invites you to let go and switch off.

The Finnish sauna not only has a long tradition, but also offers many health benefits. The heat opens the pores and intensively cleanses the skin surface. In addition, the heat promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and can relieve stress.

2. Earth sauna – the extra hot type of sauna

The earth sauna, one of the oldest types of sauna, is characterized mainly by its extreme heat. With temperatures between 90 °C and 110 °C, it offers an intense sauna experience. This particular sauna is built directly into the ground and is surrounded by stones. The top cover is made of wooden boards, similar to a log cabin. In the middle of the earth sauna is a wood stove, which heats up the sauna and provides the necessary heat.

Normally, the humidity in an earth sauna is quite low. However, it can be increased by an infusion to create additional steam. Traditionally, this infusion is done only in the second half of the sauna session, so that the body has enough time to slowly get used to the high temperatures. This allows a gentle adaptation to the heat and increases the well-being during the sauna visit.

The earth sauna has a rustic charm and exudes a very special atmosphere. The natural material, direct contact with the ground and unique construction give it an archaic feel. The intense heat experience combined with the low humidity creates a challenging environment for sauna lovers seeking an intense and deep cleanse.

Although the earth sauna is a more demanding form of sauna with its high temperature and low humidity, it offers numerous health benefits. The heat helps to open the pores and sweat impurities out of the skin. In addition, the earth sauna can help improve circulation, relax muscles and reduce stress.

All in all, the earth sauna is a fascinating sauna option that has a long tradition. Due to the extreme heat and natural design, it offers a unique sauna experience. For people who are looking for a challenge and are willing to indulge in the intense heat, the earth sauna can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

3. Banya – the Russian version for more vitality

The banya, also known as the Russian sauna, is a place of great importance in Russian culture. It differs from both Finnish sauna and earth sauna in terms of temperature and humidity. Compared to the other two types of saunas, the banya is operated at comparatively lower temperatures (70 °C).

The special feature of the banya is the high humidity, which is increased up to 100% by constant water infusions. This creates a pleasant steam in the sauna cabin, which gently cleanses the skin and at the same time opens the airways. The increased humidity provides a more intense sweating experience and supports the body’s cleansing process.

Another characteristic feature of the banya is the use of the so-called Wenik. This is a broom made of birch twigs. Visitors gently hit each other with the wenik to stimulate blood circulation to the skin. This custom has not only a purely physical effect, but is also considered a kind of cleansing and invigorating ritual.

In Russian tradition, a visit to the banya is much more than just a sauna session. It is a place for relaxation, socializing and sharing. Families and friends often gather in the banya to sweat, talk and enjoy the special flair of this traditional sauna together.


The Finnish sauna, the earth sauna and the banya are three different types of saunas, each with its own characteristics. They are all suitable for sauna infusions with essential oils to enrich the sauna experience.

The Finnish sauna offers temperatures ranging from 80 °C to 100 °C and low humidity of about 10%. Through infusions, the humidity can be increased up to 30%, resulting in a more intense sauna experience.

The earth sauna is characterized by extreme heat from 90 °C to 110 °C. Humidity is usually low, but can be increased by infusions. It offers a rustic atmosphere and a deep cleansing effect.

The banya, the Russian sauna, operates at lower temperatures of about 70 °C. It has a high humidity of up to 100%, which is achieved by constant water infusions. The banya also uses the wenik, a broom made of birch twigs, to stimulate blood circulation.

Each type of sauna has its own merits, but all offer unique sauna experiences. Sauna infusions with essential oils can enhance well-being. The selection of essential oils allows sauna-goers to tailor their sauna experience to their individual needs.


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