Sauna types

These 3 saunas are suitable for a sauna infusion with essential oils

Which sauna types are suitable for a sauna infusion?

The relaxing and healing effect of a sauna session can be further enhanced by a so-called sauna infusion. Most spas have a daily infusion schedule and a sauna master guides guests through each infusion ceremony. This special experience can also be created at home in your own sauna, but not every sauna is suitable for an infusion.

What type of sauna is right for me?

Sauna types: Which sauna suits me?

A regular visit to the sauna strengthens the immune system, improves the skin and can even lower blood pressure. But before visiting a sauna, the question always arises: Which types of sauna suit me? In the following article, the different types of saunas are explained in more detail and their benefits and healing effects are described.