Sauna types: Which sauna suits me?

A regular visit to the sauna strengthens the immune system, improves the skin and can even lower blood pressure. But before visiting a sauna, the question always arises: Which types of sauna suit me? In the following article, the different types of saunas are explained in more detail and their benefits and healing effects are described.
What type of sauna is right for me?

What type of sauna is right for me?

Saunas are a very effective way to help the body cleanse as well, however there are very many types of saunas such as: Finnish sauna, hammam, bio sauna, steam sauna, infrared cabin, just to name a few. But which sauna suits me best? When deciding which type of sauna suits you, the following questions may be relevant:

  • What temperature do I like?
  • What humidity do I like?
  • Do I have any pre-existing conditions that make visiting a type of sauna impossible?
  • How important are infusions to me?
  • The Finnish sauna: For all those who like it really hot

The Finnish sauna is the best known and most widespread of all sauna types. With temperatures close to 100 degrees Celsius and a very low humidity of 10 to 30%, it is wonderful to sweat. The Finnish sauna is the most effective type of sauna and is suitable for those who want to improve their blood circulation and get their circulation going. Regular sauna sessions increase the body’s resistance and can even alleviate problems falling asleep. Do you suffer from circulatory problems?

Then a little caution applies to the Finnish sauna session. The high temperature in combination with the low humidity is not suitable for every circulation. To make Finnish sauna even more special, various infusions with fragrant and healing essential oils can be used. This increases the humidity in the wood sauna for a short time.

The bio sauna – Gentle and mild

For all those who struggle with circulatory problems or who want to avoid extreme heat, the bio sauna is the ideal option. With an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, the bio sauna is very pleasant. The average humidity is also about 50%. The mild and humid biosauna has a skin-caring and circulation-saving effect.

The bio sauna is especially suitable for rheumatics, as the pain can be significantly alleviated with regular use. The metabolism can be activated and accelerated. The immune system is also significantly strengthened when visiting the bio sauna. Do you suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure? The bio-sauna is one of the types of sauna that can lower both cholesterol levels and blood pressure when used regularly.

The steam bath: sauna like the ancient Romans did

The steam bath also belongs to the different sauna types. Steam baths have been around since the days of magnificent Roman thermal baths. With a very high humidity of about 80-100% and a pleasant temperature of 40-55 degrees Celsius (104 to 131 °F), a visit to a steam bath is very pleasant. The steam produced by a steam boiler has healing properties.

By cleansing the skin, it becomes velvety, soft and refreshing. For rheumatism patients, a visit to the steam bath is very suitable, as it can relax the muscles and relieve pain. Also people who have problems with the respiratory tract, a regular visit to the steam bath is recommended. Here the mucous membranes are moistened and more oxygen reaches the organs.

The Indian Sweatlodge

A special variation of the different sauna types is the sweat lodge. In the original Indian sweat lodge ritual, glowing hot stones are piled up in a teepee tent and then an infusion is made with water and essential herbal oils. The healing effects of a sweat lodge are comparable to those of a steam bath.

The Arabian-Turkish Hammam as a wellness oasis

With 40-50 degrees Celsius (104 to 120 °F) and a rather high humidity, the hammam is similar to the steam bath. However, it follows a specific procedure. The hammam is divided into three rooms: In the first room, the sogukluk, the circulation is slowly prepared. The second room is the sweating room, also called tepidarium. Here all the pores are opened. In the last room, Tellak, the body is soaped quite heavily before a muscle-relaxing massage or body scrub follows. The whole ritual serves a deep body cleansing and lasts about 45 minutes.

The original earth sauna

Saunas in the earth sauna are the most original and hottest of the various sauna types. With up to 110 degrees Celsius (230 °F) and a very low humidity, the earth sauna is not suitable for everyone. Only those who have a strong circulation and are experienced sauna-goers can enjoy the benefits of an earth sauna.

The ecological infrared cabin

A particularly ecological type of sauna is the infrared cabin. This is heated – in comparison with conventional Saunas – not with a furnace, but with infrared radiation. The low energy consumption and the time saving by omitting the preheating are advantages to be emphasized. A pleasant feeling of warmth is created and the sense of well-being is increased.

Some tips for the sauna visit

To make the sauna visit something special, you can take the following tips to heart.

  • Quiet music can be used to increase relaxation while taking a sauna. Alternatively, the sound of the sea or birds chirping will do the trick.
  • Colored lights in the sauna create a very special ambience. The color red implies power here, has an invigorating effect and additionally promotes blood circulation. Yellow helps to loosen existing blockages and reduce tension. The color green has a particularly calming effect and has a harmonious effect on the body. Blue, in turn, stands for calm and serenity.
  • Essential oils have a more intensive effect the higher the heat in the sauna. It is advisable to massage the essential oil on the back and arms before the sauna session. This way the effect is intensified.


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