Recognize high quality sauna oil – what to look for?

When visiting the sauna, the quality of sauna essences should be at the top of the list. When buying sauna oils, look for natural ingredients, high quality organic and the respective fragrance blends.
Sweating in the sauna on fragrance cloud seven

Sweating on fragrance cloud seven in the sauna

Recognizing high-quality sauna oil – what should you look out for? In the autumn and winter time, sauna relaxes the body and mind. Sauna-goers appreciate the soothing warmth and absolute tranquility the most. However, a high-quality sauna oil is indispensable for a soothing sauna experience. This stimulates above all the sense of smell.

The classics include lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, spruce or lavender. The scents increase the feel-good factor many times over. Meanwhile, drugstores and online stores offer numerous sauna oils. The trick is to recognize a high-quality product.

Finding the right fragrance

Because of the numerous fragrances, sauna devotees have a huge selection. However, they usually do not have the opportunity to test their preferred fragrance. “Test smelling” as with a perfume is usually impossible. Furthermore, the sauna scent does not act as a decision-making aid at all. The oil stimulates the smell in the sauna differently than in a normal room. Furthermore, the price does not act as a decision support at all. For this reason, manufacturers of high-quality oils provide small sample sets with different scents.

Packaging makes the choice easier

Sauna oils are more commonly known under the name of infusion products. These are essential oils. They are created by means of distillation as well as extraction. The higher the degree of purity, the higher the quality of the packaging. This reduces the risk of adulteration of the oil. Glass bottles provide an indication of a good sauna oil.

Plastic bottles, on the other hand, act as evidence of inferior essential oils. This plastic is soft compared to glass. Tiny particles dissolve. As a result, they combine with the contents of the bottle. In this way, a toxic mixture of oils may be created. Sauna devotees thus inhale toxic vapors during sauna bathing. Therefore, it is worth preferring an oil from a glass bottle.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s information

Sauna devotees inform themselves about the manufacturer before they decide on a sauna oil. In doing so, they ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is the manufacturer familiar with the two topics of sauna infusion and sauna?
  • What information does the manufacturer provide on the respective sauna infusion and fragrance?
  • Does the manufacturer provide tips for correct application of the sauna oil?
  • Does the manufacturer have its products regularly tested by sauna masters to guarantee perfect fragrance quality?

Consider the specified mixing ratio

High-quality sauna oil is economical in consumption. In a sauna bucket with a capacity of four liters, a few drops is enough. A good oil produces exactly the same effect from the first to the last drop at the same mixing ratio.

Inferior oils, on the other hand, are characterized by a low intensity of fragrance. Their pleasant smell disappears after a short time. In addition, poor oils gradually require a larger amount of drops. In addition, the scent properties change over time. Whereas with a high-quality sauna oil, the scent always remains the same.

Furthermore, the mixing ratio does not change over time of use. For this reason, the specified mixing ratio serves as an important indicator of the quality of a good sauna oil.

External conditions of the sauna that affect the fragrance

However, the quality of the fragrance is not the only factor influencing the beneficial odor in the sauna. Four other influences determine the intensity and duration of the scent in the wellness oasis.

The temperature is important

There are different sauna temperatures. These depend on the type of sauna. In the Finnish sauna, the room temperature is between 80 degrees and 90 degrees Celsius (176 to 194 °F). Milder sauna baths, on the other hand, warm visitors with 50 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius (122 to 158 °F). Thermometers hang on the wall. They provide reliable information about the temperature level. This in turn influences the scent in the room.

The right humidity

Humidity also influences the scent in a sauna. A hygrometer provides information about the level of humidity in the room. The Finnish sauna has a ten percent amount of humidity during the sweating phase. This is a low level of humidity. It allows the body to sweat normally. Sauna infusions drive the humidity up for a short time. It also affects the intensity of the fragrance.

Cold or warm water for sauna infusion?

Infusions require warm water. The water temperature also determines the intensity of the fragrance. High-quality sauna oils prefer to combine with warm water. This creates an optimal scent distribution in the sauna room.

The right time for a sauna infusion

Infusion times also make a decisive contribution to the intensity of the fragrance. Almost every sauna has an hourglass that functions as a stopwatch. Sauna-goers use these timers to measure their stay. Each new infusion briefly increases the intensity of the fragrance.

Do not save on the wrong sauna oil

From the above facts, it is clear which other factors are partly responsible for the quality of the fragrance. However, a high-quality sauna oil is an important component of a pleasant sauna session. It mixes with the water to form a homogeneous mass. Thus, it ensures a nice scent distribution in the room. Moreover, it does not change its smell or intensity over time. Therefore, the purchase of a good sauna oil is worthwhile in every respect.

Shelf life and storage of sauna oils

Sauna essential oils are best stored in tightly closed, dark bottles. It is important to protect the oils from heat and sunlight, and it is also recommended to keep them out of the reach of children. Citrus oils in particular are considered to be especially sensitive to light.

In general, the shelf life always depends on the product. In most cases, the manufacturer notes corresponding information on the label, which should be observed. While some aromas can only be stored for a short period of three months, there are also essential oils that can still be used after 12 or 18 months. However, most oils will easily keep for two to three years before they lose their aroma and should then be discarded.


Which sauna oil should I buy?

To help you decide which sauna oil to buy, our editors have compiled a list of suitable sauna oils for a blissful sauna experience.

Kneipp Sauna Infusion Eucalyptus & Birch

Kneipp Sauna Infusion Eucalyptus Birch contains carefully composed essential oils in tested Kneipp quality. Birch extracts complement the beneficial effects of Kneipp sauna infusion and make it an effective addition to regular sauna use. Especially in the cold and wet season, eucalyptus has a stimulating and soothing effect on the respiratory tract. Its invigorating scent refreshes and drives away tiredness. Birch and its extracts promote deep pore cleansing of the skin and have an invigorating and refreshing effect.

Angebot Kneipp Sauna-Aufguss Frische Pur, Eukalyptus & Birke, belebt...
Sauna infusion with 100% BIO oils Refreshment Lemongrass Orange Bergamot

This sauna oil is developed in Allgäu and produced in southern Germany. It is made from 100% natural essential oils, these all come from controlled organic cultivation. A sauna experience from the fruity-fresh combination of lemongrass, orange, and bergamot. A special bio-energy glass protects the contents from UV radiation.

AllgäuQuelle® Saunaaufguss mit 100% Bio Öle Erfrischung...
Spitzner sauna infusion – lemongrass basil, ginger lime, ice mint

Spitzner’s sauna infusion “Lemongrass-Basil” also helps us to forget everyday stress, it contributes to regeneration and activates new forces. Ginger & lime: an interplay that also goes down well in the sauna! This essential sauna infusion from Spitzner has an invigorating and mentally stimulating effect. It stimulates the immune system and refreshes with every sauna session. With its minty-cool aroma, the sauna infusion “Ice Mint” is able to convey mental freshness, self-confidence, and confidence.

Spitzner Saunaaufguss Set Lecker (3 x 190 ml) – Wellness...
Primavera AromaTherapy Familiarization Set

A beginner’s set with a wide selection of fragrances. Orange essential oil lifts the mood and relieves tension. Ginger vitalizes the mind and sharpens the senses. Lemongrass essential oil provides clear thinking. Grapefruit invigorates the mind. Lime lifts the mood and gives confidence. The scent of Cedarwood harmonizes, promotes courage, self-confidence and strengthens the nerves. Grapefruit invigorates the mind and lime lifts the mood and gives confidence.

PRIMAVERA Kennenlernset Aroma Sauna bio 3 x 10 ml...


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