Snowball infusion in the sauna

A journey into the world of sauna culture reveals a wide range of wellness experiences that can renew body and mind. In this context, the snowball infusion stands out as a fascinating option that promises an intense and refreshing experience.
What is a snowball infusion or ice infusion?

What is a snowball infusion or ice infusion?

For many guests in the sweat room, the sauna infusion is an essential part of a relaxing sweat bath. No later than five minutes before the end of the sauna session, it’s time for the long-awaited snowball infusion. The hissing of the evaporating water, which is distributed throughout the entire sweat cabin, is a real treat. Like a glowing breath on the skin, it touches all the senses.

Something special is the snowball infusion, where snowballs are placed on the sauna heater. These melt slowly and evenly, ensuring that the humidity in the sauna develops evenly and gently. The high temperatures in the sauna are a challenge for the circulatory system, because in contrast to a steam bath, the mild and humid climate is missing here.

The infusion raises the temperatures for a short time, but the evaporating water creates a high humidity, which replaces the previously dry climate. A snowball infusion or an ice infusion is effective and uniform because the ice or snowball takes longer to melt. The resulting water evaporates more slowly than the water poured on the sauna heater in a classic infusion.

How is a snowball infusion performed?

A snowball is particularly suitable for infusion in the sauna, because snow can be quickly formed into a ball by hand. However, forming a snowball is even easier with the appropriate accessories in the form of a specially shaped wooden bowl. Furthermore, snowballs are available only in winter when the weather is suitable. Crushed ice is used as an alternative. Whether snow or ice, with an ice infusion ball you can easily form stable snow or ice balls that look perfectly like a billiard ball and do not crumble as soon as they are placed on the sauna heater.

The ice and snow balls always have the same size, which allows you to dose sauna fragrances specifically and evenly. The even shape is created by two wooden bowls into which ice or snow is placed. Grooves in the handles ensure that the wooden bowls fit securely in your hand. Special guides on the edges make it easier to shape into a ball. The ice and or snow balls are placed on the sauna heater where they melt slowly and evenly.

Application of a snow infusion with essential oils

The ice infusion ball is the appropriate accessory for the special sauna experience. You need 500 grams of ice or snow for each ice or snow globe. In the next step, fill the ice infusion ball with crushed ice or snow. By turning and pressing with the two wooden bowls, you create ice or snow balls that are so stable that they do not fall apart immediately when you take them out.

If the material cannot be formed into a ball, it may be that it is too cold or that individual parts of the chrushed ice are too large. Let the ice or snow thaw a little or add some water. Remove the half shell with the spike. The ice or snow globe now has a funnel-shaped opening into which you can pour the sauna fragrance.


Which sauna fragrances are suitable for a snowball infusion?

Popular ice scents and winter scents as infusions are:

Peppermint – Mountain pine – Sauna infusion with 100% BIO oils

Supports the function of the respiratory tract, clears the head and has a generally beneficial effect on the body.

Orange – Peppermint – Warda Sauna Infusion Peppermint-Orange

Winter fragrances with orange and peppermint unfold their effect especially well in the cold season. This fruity fresh scent has an invigorating effect, gives new energy and reminds you of a visit to a Christmas market.

Lavender – Spitzner Sauna Infusion Wellness Lavender-Kumquat

This herbal infusion has a calming and balancing effect and records a generally positive effect on the mood. Just close your eyes and imagine the fragrant lavender fields in Provence/France. This will make the snow infusion even more beautiful.

Melissa – Finnsa Melissa

Like lavender, this snowball infusion also has a calming and balancing effect on the mood. However, due to the fruity-fresh lemon scent, an infusion with lemon balm also has an invigorating effect.

Finnsa Melisse
Finnsa Melisse*
13,50 EUR


Ice infusion and snow infusion in three categories

Infusions with ice and snow globes are divided into three categories. In the discrete variant, only one ice ball is placed on the sauna heater, which slowly melts. Since only a small amount of ice is used, the climate in the sauna changes only slightly.

In the gentle infusion method, several ice balls are used. The number depends on the size of the sauna. The ice balls melt evenly slowly and distribute the sauna fragrance in the cabin. With this variant, you can use different scents to make the infusion even more effective.

In the hot variant, the ice balls are used in combination with a classic infusion. The ice balls placed on the sauna heater are doused with water from the sauna ladle. The rising steam with the essential oils is perceived as particularly intense.

Training video from SAUNAGUT® : the slush ice infusion

Ice infusion ball – an eye-catcher for every infusion

Ice infusion ball made of ash wood

The ice infusion ball: gentle sauna infusions without waving. With the ice infusion ball, you can form balls of snow or crushed ice and enrich them with fragrance. This ball can be used to make ideal ice infusions in the sauna. Description of use: First, fill the ice infusion ball with crushed ice, then form stable ice balls by pressing and turning the mold. The spike incorporated into the ice infusion ball creates a funnel with which fragrances can be dosed into the core of the ice balls.

Afterward, the sauna master places the scent-enriched ice balls on the sauna heater. In the process, the ice melts slowly. The melted water is transformed into steam by the hot sauna stones. In order to let the sauna guest better experience the gentle change of the room climate and the slow unfolding of the scent, the rising steam is not diluted. After placing the ice balls, the sauna master can leave the sauna.

SAUNAGUT® Eisaufguss-Kugel


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