Sauna fragrance

Sauna infusion with sauna fragrance - simply a blessing

Which sauna oils are the most popular according to customer reviews?

After a busy day at work or a stressful week, what could be nicer than to relax in the sauna. Taking a sauna is balm for body, mind, and soul. Nowhere can you relax so well, strengthen the immune system, make the skin beautiful and fuel the fitness. A fantastic sauna experience includes the optimal accessories. If you have a nice sauna at home, you should have at least a sauna towel, infusion ladle, infusion bucket, sauna clock and a sauna thermometer.

What is a snowball infusion or ice infusion?

Snowball infusion in the sauna

A journey into the world of sauna culture reveals a wide range of wellness experiences that can renew body and mind. In this context, the snowball infusion stands out as a fascinating option that promises an intense and refreshing experience.