Sauna infusions invigorating and refreshing

Why not start the morning with a long sauna session? If you enjoy invigorating or refreshing sauna infusions, the day can come.
Invigorating and fresh sauna infusions

Which sauna infusions are invigorating and refreshing?

Actually, the sauna is so relaxing that you want to sink right into your pillows afterward. Actually. Because there are also invigorating and refreshing sauna infusions. These energetic infusions really kiss you awake. When you leave the sauna, you feel so motivated that you could even do your tax return right now. But don’t worry, you don’t have to. You can use your energy for much nicer things. We’ll show you which scents are particularly invigorating and what specific effects they have.

1. Invigorating

You feel tired and listless, but the day just won’t end? Then treat yourself to a little time out in the sauna. Don’t panic, with the right scent you will be anything but tired. You’ll feel like newborn and you’ll be able to tackle your tasks with vigor. It is obvious that such fragrances must come along fresh. Therefore, lemon, lime and lemongrass are recommended. But also fruits can kiss your senses awake. Here, especially the green apple will do a good job.

But it doesn’t have to be so classic. There are a number of exotic scents that turn sauna infusions into an invigorating experience. Coconut, pepper and lemon balm, for example. Not in the mood for these essences in winter? No problem. Then try an infusion with a baked apple scent. It smells deliciously like Christmas – and the apple note awakens your senses.

Invigorating and fresh sauna infusions:

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KK Hygiene Saunaduft Premium Slibowitz, 1er Pack (1 x 0.2 l)
KK Hygiene Saunaduft Premium Slibowitz, 1er Pack (1 x 0.2 l)*
Saunaduft - perfekt den Saunagang an kalten Tage; Verschiedene Duftnoten; Hergestellt auf Basis von natürlichen und naturidentischen Ölen

Other invigorating sauna infusions would be: Vanilla-Coconut, Melissa, Citro-Lime, Green Apple, Coffee, Vanilla-Coconut, Melissa, Baked Apple, Amaretto, Red Currant, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Mint-Apple, Juniper-Citro, Citro-Honey, Peppermint-Honey, Peach Blossom, Euka-Citro, Lemongrass, Tropic, Japanese Medicinal Plant Oil, Mint Berry, Pomegranate, Vanilla-Coconut, Forest Fruit and Mint-Citro.

2. Refreshing

Having a day when you can’t seem to get anything done? You constantly make mistakes and infect your colleagues with your yawn? This can happen, but it is not a nice day. Especially if you had something important planned. Why don’t you treat yourself to a small but hot break in the sauna before your important appointment? Because as warm as it is there, with the right scent, it can become a refreshing experience.

You can already imagine that fresh fragrances are especially suitable for this. So first and foremost lemon, mint, tangerine and lime. But also the notes of exotic fruits refresh your mind. Especially the pomegranate. It has been revered for its effects for thousands of years. So it was only logical to bring its scent into the sauna as well.

But have you ever tried ice mint or ice lime. These are special blends that immediately hit your brain. This is provided by special essential oils that mix with the well-known fruit scents. You will perceive them as a minty note in an otherwise unique composition.

However, there are other fragrance blends that enliven sauna infusions. Siberian Wind is one of them. Here, different essential oils are combined to give you the impression of a cool Siberian breeze. Delightfully refreshing.

Refreshing infusions for a fresh mind:
DE Sauna Aufguss Zitrone/Limette 250 ml
DE Sauna Aufguss Zitrone/Limette 250 ml*
PZN-03283464; 250 ml Flaschen; freiverkäuflich
Spezial Sauna-Duft ohne Alkohol 1 Liter, 4 Duftrichtungen (1...
Spezial Sauna-Duft ohne Alkohol 1 Liter, 4 Duftrichtungen (1...*
Ohne Alkohol, gut mit Wasser mischbar; völlige Verdampfung; ohne Rückstände auf Ihren Saunasteinen
52,96 EUR

Other refreshing sauna infusions would be: Ice mint, lemongrass, orange tangerine, mountain herb, Japanese medicinal herb oil, ice lime, cherry mint, mint berry, grapefruit, lavender lemon balm, menthol, mango, pomegranate, Passion fruit, cinnamon apple, honeydew melon, spring magic, peach tangerine, strawberry, rhubarb, woodruff, raspberry, peppermint citro, lychee, kiwi, bergamot, mango, and cherry coconut.

3. Cooling

You don’t want to give up the sauna pleasure, even in summer? It’s actually quite healthy. But sometimes when it’s 30 degrees in the shade, you just don’t feel like an infusion. Yes, of course, it’s relaxing. But always that pine needle scent? It smells like Christmas and grandma’s warm bath water. It doesn’t have to be.

There are a number of fragrance concentrates that have a cooling effect when infused. Of course, this applies to the classics like eucalyptus and mint. But you should also dare to try a composition of different scents. For example, there are ice pineapple, ice apple and ice orange. These concentrates smell wonderfully fruity. In addition, there is a note of menthol. It hits your brain directly through your nose – and has a cooling effect.

You don’t like menthol? Even then, you don’t have to do without a cooling infusion. There are concentrates that simulate the scent of certain landscapes or natural events. If you like it cooling, you should reach for Siberian Wind or Alaska, for example. Sure, manufacturers haven’t managed to pack wind and ice into one bottle. But if you close your eyes during the infusion, it almost feels like it. Take a deep breath and feel the cold breeze. After such a sauna day you will feel wonderfully refreshed.

The following sauna infusions promise a cooling effect:
Kneipp Sauna-Aufguss Frische PUR - enthält ätherisches...
Kneipp Sauna-Aufguss Frische PUR - enthält ätherisches...*
Sehr ergiebig; Mit natürlichen ätherischen Ölen; Erleichtert das Atmen, belebt und erfrischt
5,95 EUR Amazon Prime
Warda Saunaaufguss Eisminze Konzentrat 200 ml Flasche,...
Warda Saunaaufguss Eisminze Konzentrat 200 ml Flasche,...*
Duft: Eisminze; Warda Saunaduftkonzentrate werden aus naturreinen und naturidentischen ätherischen Ölen.
Warda 1 Liter Saunaaufguss Saunaduft Saunaduftkonzentrat...
Warda 1 Liter Saunaaufguss Saunaduft Saunaduftkonzentrat...*
1x 1 Liter; aus naturreinen und naturidentischen ätherischen Ölen hergestellt; ausschließlich hochwertige Rohstoffe
15,90 EUR
Warda 200ml Saunaaufguss Saunaduft Saunaduftkonzentrat...
Warda 200ml Saunaaufguss Saunaduft Saunaduftkonzentrat...*
1x 200 ml; aus naturreinen und naturidentischen ätherischen Ölen hergestellt; ausschließlich hochwertige Rohstoffe

Other cooling and fruity infusions include : ice pineapple, mint, ice orange, Alaska, orange mint, ice passion fruit and ice lime.

4. Clarifying

Have you been plagued by tormenting thoughts lately? Can’t seem to stop brooding? Then you should pay a visit to your favorite sauna. Here you can find infusions that have a clearing effect on you. The scents hit your brain directly from your nose, refreshing you – and you can think clearly again. A clearing reboot for your gray cells, so to speak.

To achieve this, the scent must be fresh. Fruits develop this effect very well. Orange, lemon and apple, for example, are known for their clearing effect. But also eucalyptus and mint are able to bring order back into your thoughts.

Are these classics too boring for you? That’s no problem either. Try a combination of apple and mint or lime and mint. They create a complex fragrance experience that lets you breathe freely again. But chocolate also has a clearing effect. With sauna infusion, you don’t need to be afraid of the calories either. Nevertheless, its sweet scent satisfies your brain immensely. If it is also combined with mint, the infusion has a clarifying effect on you.

For clarifying effects in the sauna, we recommend these infusions:
SPITZNER Saunaaufguss Eisminze Wellness 190 ml
SPITZNER Saunaaufguss Eisminze Wellness 190 ml*
PZN-01092435; 190 ml Konzentrat; freiverkäuflich
16,87 EUR

5. Vitalization

You have been feeling weak and dull for several days? Clear case: your battery is empty. This is quite normal for us humans, we are not infinitely resilient. But you still have to do something, especially if there is no long weekend in sight. A few hours in the sauna can help. It gets even better with vitalizing infusions.

The classic scent spruce needle has such a vitalizing effect. Perhaps because it reminds you of a walk in the woods. But you don’t have to keep it that classic. For example, try an infusion that smells like orchid. These flowers are also known for their vitalizing effect. If you don’t like it so warm, you can also visit the Sanarium®. Here, the thermometer does not climb above 70 degrees, yet wonderful fragrances are nebulized. Grapefruit in particular has a vitalizing effect here.

Vitalizing infusions are:
200 ml Warda Saunaaufguss-Konzentrat Orchidee
200 ml Warda Saunaaufguss-Konzentrat Orchidee*
Duft: Orchidee; alle Duftkonzentrate werden aus natürlichen Ölen hergestellt; verdampfen ohne Rückstände
Spitzner Saunaaufguss Grapefruit süß-herb 190 ml –...
Spitzner Saunaaufguss Grapefruit süß-herb 190 ml –...*
1092458; Spitzner saunaaufguss grapefruit wellness 190 ml
12,99 EUR


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