Sauna infusion

At what sauna temperature do you sweat best?

At which sauna temperature is it best to sweat?

Sauna fans love the comforting warmth of the sauna, where they can relax and forget the stress of everyday life. However, opinions differ on the question of the optimal temperature in the sauna room. Here we have some interesting information for you about it.

What are menthol crystals?

Application of menthol crystals in the sauna

The use of menthol crystals in the sauna is an incredible experience. Find out here what the mysterious crystals are all about. In addition, you will learn how an infusion with sauna crystals works and other interesting facts about these crystals.

Do not be afraid of the first visit to the sauna

Sauna for beginners

The first time in the sauna? Sauna novices often panic before their first time in the sauna because they do not know how to behave. We provide assistance for your first visit to the sauna.