Sauna essence: This is the scent of summer

Refreshing and fruity sauna essences keep the immune system on its toes in summer and provide relaxation and refreshment. We present the best sauna essences for an infusion in the hot season.
Sauna at 30 degrees? Yes, please

Sauna at 30 degrees? Yes, please

Taking a sauna in the summertime only makes some people shake their heads. But a sauna session is beneficial all year round and protects your health. If you go to the sauna regularly and take a cold shower afterward, you won’t mind the outside temperature of 30 degrees (86 °F). The circulation is trained for extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Menthol and ice crystals as essence in the infusion have a cooling effect and contribute to refreshment. This makes high temperatures outside more tolerable, plus the cold shower and cold plunge pool are never far away, and maybe even a pool.

Sauna essence for summer

In winter, sauna essences like cinnamon and gingerbread are booming, in spring green apple – it’s hard to think about in summer. Now ice crystals are on the agenda, cooling menthol and fruity essences like blueberry, passion fruit, wild cherry or green lime.

Menthol crystals – natural crystals from pure mint oil

Do you already know ice crystals? Ice crystals consist of pure menthol and smell pleasantly fresh in the sauna infusion. They have a cooling effect on the skin, and sauna temperatures feel a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler after a menthol infusion. If that’s not fresh enough, add an infusion of eucalyptus and menthol.

Ice mint provides mental freshness

Ice mint in the infusion has an activating, refreshing and cooling effect, as promised by the name. Ice mint belongs to menthol sauna aromas with a fresh and spicy scent, sauna essence provides self-confidence and mental freshness. Who can’t use that in summer temperatures when everything is a bit sluggish?

Pineapple coconut is refreshing and balancing

In summer, the sauna can be a little more exotic. How about an infusion with pineapple-coconut essence? If that doesn’t give you that Caribbean feeling! Pineapple coconut first refreshes and then has a balancing and harmonizing effect with a fruity-sweet scent. The lively pineapple also has a stimulating effect and increases well-being.

Lemongrass basil contributes to regeneration

Along with lemony scents, fresh herbal scents go well with summer. Why not combine the two in an essence like lemongrass basil. Basil, also known as royal herb, is a sun-hungry fellow itself. In natural medicine, basil is used as a nerve and stomach tonic. Basil also strengthens the immune system and has antispasmodic and analgesic effects. Citrus Lemongrass has an exhilarating effect and is antibacterial and anti-viral – it also strengthens the immune system.

Ginger-Lime is mentally stimulating and energizing

Ginger has become a miracle tuber in this country. It is said to help with a wide variety of ailments, and its essence should not be missing from any sauna. Ginger has a particularly beneficial effect in combination with lime. Ginger is very mild and skin-friendly, it has an anti-inflammatory and stabilizing effect. Limes have a more intense aroma than lemons – the essential oil has an exhilarating and relaxing effect.

Sauna essence – what to look for?

The right sauna infusion is an art. Buy ready-made sauna infusion concentrates or sauna essences as essential oils and make your own sauna infusion. Many essential oils beguile the senses, have a relaxing effect and also clear the airways.

Suitable sauna fragrances that smell like summer:

Spitzner sauna infusion Wellness Ginger-Lime

The sauna infusion Ginger-Lime has a mentally stimulating effect and stimulates the immune system. Due to the exotic impression, associations with far away countries are awakened. With the quality mark of the German Sauna Association e.V.

Spitzner Saunaaufguss Ingwer-Limette fruchtig-würzig 190 ml...

Menthol crystals for refreshing sauna infusions

With menthol crystals from Pure Essence, a fresh breeze blows through the sauna. Menthol crystals are among the indispensable accessories among sauna fans and are also known as ice crystals due to their charming, needle-shaped exterior. They have a pleasantly intense, but not too strong scent of fresh mint. When the crystals are melted in the infusion or on the stones, a special atmosphere of meditative calm fills the sauna room.

Vitabay Mentholkristalle für erfrischende Saunaaufgüsse...

Sauna Infusion Lemongrass Basil

Farewell to everyday stress! With the sauna infusion “Lemongrass-Basil” by Spitzner we can forget about everyday stress, it contributes to regeneration and activates new forces. With each sauna session, the fruity-spicy essential oil acts against stress and in case of mental exhaustion. Our everyday life is often already nerve-racking enough, so an uncomplicated sauna infusion comes just right!

Spitzner Saunaaufguss Zitronengras-Basilikum...

Sauna Infusion Wellness Pineapple Coconut

A fruity fragrance experience with subtle sweetness. In the sauna, the Pineapple Coconut infusion first has a refreshing, then a balancing effect. The smallest scent molecules reach the limbic system directly through the nose, where our emotions and memories are stored, and thus influence our emotional world.

Spitzner Saunaaufguss Wellness Ananas-Kokos (190ml)...

Sauna Infusion Ice Mint

Calming sauna infusion, made from selected, natural high-quality oils, these have a stimulating effect and enhance the invigorating sauna effect. They have a liberating effect on the respiratory tract and the blood circulation of the skin.

Warda Saunaaufguss Eisminze 1 l Flasche - Ein Liter...

Sauna infusion – applications and information

Before your sauna session, simply mix 3 – 5 drops of your favorite essence with the water that you need for the infusion. The rule here is: less is more – essential oils always have an intense effect and should never be poured undiluted onto the hot sauna stones. Too strong a concentration irritates the mucous membranes and leads to headaches and circulatory problems.



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