A special experience: sauna infusion with snow and ice

Immerse yourself in a world of pure ice and crackling snow and experience the superlative sauna infusion that invigorates body and mind.
The fascination of sauna infusions
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The fascination of sauna infusions

Sauna infusions have long been a popular part of wellness and relaxation culture. They provide not only soothing heat, but also numerous health benefits. A special form of sauna infusion, which is becoming increasingly popular, is the sauna infusion with snow and ice. This article will introduce you to the fascinating aspects of this special sauna experience and show you how you can enjoy such an infusion yourself.

The health benefits of the sauna

Taking a sauna has been an integral part of many cultures for thousands of years, especially Finnish and Scandinavian cultures. The health benefits of saunas are numerous and scientifically proven. Among other things, sauna sessions can strengthen the immune system, stimulate the metabolism, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle tension¹. In addition, saunas also have a positive effect on psychological well-being by reducing stress and helping to relax².

The special combination: snow and ice in sauna infusions

The use of snow and ice in sauna infusions provides a unique and intense experience. The combination of extreme heat and cold creates a strong temperature contrast that additionally stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. A particularly pleasant way to enhance the beneficial effects of the sauna is to rub yourself with snow or ice after the sauna session. The use of snow and ice can also help relieve inflammation and skin irritation, as the cold has a decongestant effect³.

How a sauna infusion with snow and ice works

In a sauna infusion with snow and ice, as the name suggests, snow or crushed ice is used instead of water. These are placed on the hot sauna stones, creating high humidity and an intense steam experience. At the same time, the melted water slightly cools the air in the sauna cabin, creating a pleasant and refreshing climate.

Where can you experience a sauna infusion with snow and ice?

Sauna infusions with snow and ice are offered in more and more wellness centers, spas and saunas. Especially in ski resorts or areas with cold winters, the experience of such an infusion is particularly authentic. The best way to find out more is to visit the websites of the respective facilities or ask directly on site about this special sauna experience.

Ice and snow infusions in three different categories

Infusions with ice and snow balls can be divided into three main categories. In the subtle version, only one ice ball is placed on the sauna heater, which then slowly melts. Since only a minimal amount of ice is used, the atmosphere in the sauna changes only slightly.

In soft infusion, several ice balls are used, the amount depending on the dimensions of the sauna. These ice balls melt evenly and slowly, distributing the sauna aroma throughout the cabin. In this method, different scents can be used to enhance the effect of the infusion.

In the intense version, the ice cream scoops are combined with a traditional infusion. The ice balls are placed on the sauna heater and then water is poured on them. The rising steam, which contains essential oils, is perceived as particularly intense. Afterwards, the steam can be removed with a
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be distributed to achieve an additional effect.

Conclusion: An unforgettable sauna experience

A sauna infusion with snow and ice is undoubtedly a special experience that should not be missed. The combination of extreme heat and cold offers not only health benefits, but also a unique feeling of well-being. Get involved in this special wellness experience and enjoy the vitalizing effect of a sauna infusion with snow and ice.

Training video of SAUNAGUT®: the slush ice infusion


Ice infusion ball – An eye-catcher at every infusion

The ice infusion ball is a real highlight in any sauna. With this unique mold, you as a sauna master can form balls of snow or crushed ice and flavor them with fragrances. By adding fragrances, you can make the sauna experience even more intense and offer your guests a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

The application of the ice infusion ball is simple and straightforward. First, fill the mold with crushed ice. Pressing and turning the mold creates stable ice balls that are perfect for ice infusions. The spike built into the mold forms a funnel to release the fragrance into the core of the ice cream scoops.

As soon as the fragrant ice balls are placed on the hot sauna heater, they slowly begin to melt. The heat of the sauna stones evaporates the melted water and creates a gentle fragrance that fills the room. The rising steam is deliberately not distributed to better experience the slow unfolding of the fragrance.

Thanks to the ice infusion ball, sauna infusions can be performed in a completely new way. In doing so, the sauna master no longer has to constantly wave and can leave the sauna after placing the ice balls. The gentle change of the room climate and the slow development of the fragrance provide a unique sauna experience that you and your guests will enjoy to the fullest.

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