Does a sauna affect fertility?

Sauna visits can reduce sperm count

Sauna visits may be beneficial for the circulation, but not necessarily for increasing sperm count. According to a recent study, men’s sperm production may be temporarily affected by frequent sauna visits.

So mildew stains and co. don't stand a chance

Avoid and prevent mildew stains in the sauna

In the relaxing atmosphere of the sauna, you don’t want to have to deal with unsightly mold stains – they not only dampen the mood, but can also pose health risks. This makes it all the more important to act with foresight to avoid these unpleasant stains and enjoy the sauna experience to the full.

More than just sweating – Sauna trend in Germany

Sauna – a healthy trend

In Germany, sauna bathing has reached a new record high. 30 million people go to the sauna more or less regularly and this trend will continue in the coming years. Many wellness spas have recognized the trend and now also offer their guests sauna bathing in swimwear.

Sauna Ice bathing in winter - Is it really healthy?

Sauna ice bathing – Is it really healthy?

How healthy is sauna ice bathing and what is there to consider. Even top athletes regularly harden themselves with alternating showers or in the plunge pool after the sauna. Although ice bathing takes a lot of effort, but the walk into the icy water can be worth it.

Qigong is the relax secret from China

Qigong Meditation

Qigong meditation consists of very slow, very conscious movements. They are designed to bring body and mind into harmony with each other. In addition to martial arts exercises, the program also includes physical and movement exercises, breathing exercises, and mediation. They are selected to harmonize the flow of energy in the body. In this respect, Qigong is also often practiced for relaxation.

The right insulation material for the sauna

Regardless of which model of sauna you choose, it is important to have reliable thermal insulation. But what distinguishes such a sauna insulation? In what way can the heat storage capacity be increased? And what is the importance of individual factors such as wall thickness and material.

Wellness with salt for skin and health

Wellness with salt

Salty air heals, beautifies, detoxifies and energizes. The use of salt for healing and anti-inflammatory purposes was already known in ancient Egypt. Numerous research results also confirm the beneficial effects of salt application inside and outside our body.

The sauna as an effective alternative therapy for the relief of ringing in the ears

Tinnitus under control: The sauna as an effective alternative therapy

Are you looking for ways to treat tinnitus or relieve the annoying ringing in your ears? In the texts below you will find valuable information about tinnitus, including its causes, symptoms and treatment options. Of particular interest is sauna therapy as a promising alternative treatment option. Learn how the sauna is not only relaxing, but can also have positive effects on blood circulation and the immune system.

The typical hammam in Turkey is a place of communication

Sauna culture in Turkey

Turkey is known for its rich culture, breathtaking scenery and impressive prehistory. Besides all these facets, the country also has a fascinating sauna culture to offer. In Turkey, sauna bathing has a long tradition that dates back to ancient times.

Almost all sauna beginners make these mistakes!

In order to make a sauna session a benefit for mind and body, it is important to consider a few points. Particularly, sauna beginners sometimes do not yet know what things to pay attention to when taking a sauna in order to relax sustainably and make mistakes. This is usually not bad, but leads to the fact that a visit to the sauna can not develop the beneficial effect that is in it.

Can you go to the sauna with nail fungus?

Nail fungus infection in the sauna

Nail fungi love a warm, moist environment and can therefore spread and multiply well in the sauna area. Nail fungus is caused by various pathogens, most commonly responsible for nail fungus are the dermatophytes Trichophyton rubrum as well as Trichophyton mentagrophytes. However, yeast fungi such as Candida albicans can also cause unsightly nail fungus.

The wonderful effect of gentle hyperthermia

The gentle deep heat in the infrared cabin

In an infrared cabin, the heat is transferred to the body differently than in a conventional sauna. The air temperature in a conventional sauna often exceeds 176 °F due to the heater. Hot air causes our bodies to overheat and sweat – a natural defense mechanism. On the other hand, it is different in the gentle infrared cabin.

Sauna kit for home

How good are DIY saunas?

What sauna fan does not wish to own his own sauna. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages – so they can always use the cozy warmth in private. You can buy saunas conveniently and easily at most hardware stores. But how good are the DIY store saunas? We have investigated this question for you.

Hybrid sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Multifunction sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Have you ever heard of a multifunctional sauna? Multifunctional saunas combine the advantages of the traditional Finnish sauna with those of the modern infrared sauna. In a multifunctional sauna, the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and bio sauna can all be used in the same cabin.

Sauna infusion makes sauna an experience

Special types of sauna infusion

A relaxing and restful sauna session also includes an infusion. During this process, water is dumped onto heated stones so that the humidity in the sauna room rises sharply. This beneficial effect is supported by experienced sauna masters by vigorously waving a towel so that the steam can be evenly distributed in the sauna.

Own home sauna provides relaxation for body and mind

The advantages of a home sauna

Owning a home sauna offers immense advantages. In the long run, a purchase may be worthwhile. Many sauna lovers appreciate the privacy of their own four walls. Find out why in this article.

Can a sauna bath help with arthritis

Relieve arthritis in the sauna

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints and can occur suddenly, affecting any joint in the body. Arthritis is considered incurable, but it can be alleviated by regular applications through exercise and sauna bathing.

What moisture problems can cause a home sauna in the basement?

A sauna in the basement – what to consider?

More and more people are getting a home sauna. The basement offers enough space for this. However, there are a few things to consider when installing and operating the sauna to avoid mold and moisture damage in advance. Below you will find some useful hints and tips on this topic.

How to make the dream of your own sauna come true

Your way to your own home sauna

The stressful everyday life leaves people rather little time to breathe. Therefore, it is important to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Ideal for this is a visit to a sauna, which can have a positive effect on the organism and the soul. In addition, such a sweat bath strengthens the immune system and thus protects against flu-like infections, especially in the colder season.

Sauna floor covering: Which floor is suitable for your sauna?

How to find the right sauna floor!

When a sauna cabin is purchased, the interior with lighting, the sauna heater or even the ventilation are usually first in the foreground of the planning. At the same time, for a safe, pleasant and relaxing sauna experience, the floor is certainly of equal importance.