Can an infrared cabin help with weight loss?

It sounds like a dream: you sit down in an infrared cabin and comfortably, without moving, lose excess pounds! But is that really true? We got to the bottom of the flowery advertising promises of some manufacturers and reveal how an infrared cabin can help you lose weight.
Can an infrared cabin help with weight loss?

Can an infrared cabin help with weight loss?

How does an infrared cabin work? First, you should know that similar to ultraviolet radiation, there are different wavelengths of infrared radiation as well. They are divided into IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. The latter two are long-wave heat radiations that reach the body only superficially and are mainly used in the wellness sector.

Only type IR-A penetrates even deeper into the skin and therefore causes a so-called deep heat, which can achieve the desired weight-reducing effect. These are used however primarily in the medical range of application, in order to treat inflamed and illness-conditioned tissue structures purposefully and effectively.

The manufacturers of infrared cabins promise a calorie consumption of approximately 400 to 600 calories in only half an hour, which corresponds approximately to a four to five kilometer long continuous runs. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, losing weight doesn’t work quite that easily without having to exert yourself. Nevertheless, there are also positive things to report: more on that later.

How does losing weight work?

There are no magic diets, miracle pills or technological devices that can help you lose weight. In fact, weight loss only ever happens in two ways.

1. The body must burn excess fat

The most effective way to burn fat is and will always be sports activities and physical exercise. Every physical exertion burns calories, which ultimately cause the body to “feed on itself” – that is, to break down fat deposits. So it is necessary to achieve that the calorie consumption of your body is increased as much as possible, but without coming to an athletic overexertion. But there are ways to increase consumption.

2. The diet must be changed

During and after weight loss, you must maintain a permanent normal weight by changing your eating habits and eating a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, and fiber should be preferred, and convenience foods, sugar and saturated fats should be avoided.

How can an infrared cabin help with weight loss?

When infrared radiation is applied to the skin, the layers of the skin are heated and their blood circulation is stimulated. In particular, devices with IR-A radiation penetrate deep into the tissues. Due to the deep effect, the fatty tissue located under the epidermis is reached and supplied with blood. This facilitates the burn afterward.

However, in the infrared cabin, only a few calories are burned at first. The resulting weight loss after spending time in an infrared cabin occurs primarily due to sweating and the associated loss of fluids. At the same time, the body is detoxified, which also promotes weight loss.

Increased calorie consumption after a sauna session

However, the greatest effect comes from the increase in temperature in the body, which can still be measured hours later. Both blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, and at the same time calorie consumption is increased. This means that every effort you make after visiting the sauna generates a higher calorie consumption and fat burning than without infrared cabin.

In addition, fat becomes soluble in water from about 38 degrees, in this way a certain amount of fat can also be excreted through sweat.

Which infrared cabin suits me?

Before buying, thoroughly inform yourself about the different manufacturers and models, they differ, as mentioned above, on the types of infrared radiation and some even have their own “slimming” program for optimized treatment for overweight.


So, an infrared cabin, if you consider all aspects, may very well support weight loss. However, overly bold advertising promises should be taken with a grain of salt. There is neither a scientific proof nor long-term studies for the fact that the bare stay in an infrared cabin lets fall durably the Pounds. Thus, a well-known Californian physician warns against appropriate statements.

(Source: Brian Quebbemann, M.D., medical director of The N.E.W. Program, a bariatric program in Newport Beach, California)

Our recommendation

We therefore recommend that you work with your doctor to establish a diet program that is specifically tailored to you, including informing him or her about the use of the infrared cabin. He will make sure that you do not exceed the maximum time spent in the sauna, nor will you overexert yourself athletically. He will prepare a plan optimized for you, which will also include a healthy diet plan.

Other positive effects of the infrared cabin

Apart from that, it should not go unmentioned that infrared cabins have a number of other positive effects on the body and your health. Among them are essentially: Relieving joint and muscle pain, strengthening the heart, improving the immune system, alleviating skin problems, detoxifying the body and last but not least: intense relaxation. Therefore, we can recommend the purchase of an infrared cabin with a clear conscience.


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