Infrared cabin

Sauna: health benefits, frequency and possible risks

Can sauna make you sick?

What a question. After all, we all know that the hot pleasure is very healthy. After all, the alternation between heat and cold regulates blood pressure, the immune system is strengthened, venous disorders are alleviated and even fitness improves through regular sweating. All of that is true, too.

Buying advice for infrared cabins: What you should look for when buying a heat cabin

Tips for buying an infrared cabin – Guide to heat cabins

Those who do not want to do without wellness at home and want to create a place of relaxation and the opportunity to decelerate, should invest in their own infrared cabin. An infrared cabin is the gentle alternative to the sauna. This is because the temperatures here are between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius (104 to 140 °F). We have compiled the most important information about infrared cabins for you here.

Is it safe to use an infrared cabin during pregnancy?

Is it allowed to use the infrared cabin during pregnancy?

A great and above all beneficial alternative to the classic sauna is the infrared cabin. Due to the irradiation with infrared light, it is very gentle on the circulation. After all, the temperatures of only 30 degrees Celsius (86 °F) are significantly lower than in a conventional sauna. Consequently, the circulatory load is also significantly lower. Nevertheless, you should follow some tips.

What is an infrared cabin?

Five myths about the infrared cabin: what you should know!

Taking a sauna is a popular way to relax and regenerate after a busy day. But have you ever heard of the infrared cabin? In this post, we’ll tackle five myths about the infrared cabin together and ask the question: what do we need to know about this sauna option? So let’s get started!

What are the health benefits of the Oura ring?

Can I wear an Oura ring in the sauna?

Have you ever wondered if you can wear your Oura ring in the sauna? Or whether the high temperatures could harm him? If you have these questions, you have come to the right place! In this article we will take a closer look at the topic “Oura ring in the sauna” and find out if it is possible to wear the accessory in the sauna or if you should take precautions.

Is the radiation from infrared cabins dangerous?

Infrared cabins and their possible influence on cancer risks

Infrared cabins are often touted as a way to relax and improve health. They use infrared radiation to warm the body from the inside, which can lead to improved circulation and a sense of well-being. However, there are concerns about the safety of infrared cabins, especially with regard to the risk of cancer. In this article, we will take a closer look at these concerns and see if they are justified.

The wonderful effect of gentle hyperthermia

The gentle deep heat in the infrared cabin

In an infrared cabin, the heat is transferred to the body differently than in a conventional sauna. The air temperature in a conventional sauna often exceeds 176 °F due to the heater. Hot air causes our bodies to overheat and sweat – a natural defense mechanism. On the other hand, it is different in the gentle infrared cabin.

Sauna kit for home

How good are DIY saunas?

What sauna fan does not wish to own his own sauna. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages – so they can always use the cozy warmth in private. You can buy saunas conveniently and easily at most hardware stores. But how good are the DIY store saunas? We have investigated this question for you.

What is a sore muscle anyway?

Sauna against sore muscles

It is often heard that a sauna session after exercise can be beneficial for the muscles. The heat provides relaxation and stimulates regeneration. But can it also help prevent sore muscles from developing in the first place?

Hybrid sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Multifunction sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Have you ever heard of a multifunctional sauna? Multifunctional saunas combine the advantages of the traditional Finnish sauna with those of the modern infrared sauna. In a multifunctional sauna, the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and bio sauna can all be used in the same cabin.

Own home sauna provides relaxation for body and mind

The advantages of a home sauna

Owning a home sauna offers immense advantages. In the long run, a purchase may be worthwhile. Many sauna lovers appreciate the privacy of their own four walls. Find out why in this article.

Do sauna sessions help against back pain?

Sauna against back pain

Regular back pain tugs at the nerves and aches throughout everyday life. While for many sauna is a kind of relaxation, with a calming effect, here the causes of discomfort for muscle and joint pain can be eliminated. Perhaps this is exactly the reason why more and more orthopedists advise to go to the hot air bath more often? Learn more about sweat bath against back pain here and let it go well.

Pure relaxation in your own four walls - an infrared cabin makes it possible

Is an infrared cabin at home worth it?

For those who do not want to or cannot expose themselves to the high temperatures of a sauna, we recommend an infrared cabin. This is a gentle alternative to the sauna. Because the temperatures here are between 104 and 140 °F. We have compiled the most important information about infrared cabins for you.

Are infrared cabins harmful to health?

What dangers lurk in an infrared cabin?

Infrared lamps have been used in therapy for a long time. The infrared cabins, on the other hand, are still relatively new. For this reason, many prospective customers ask themselves: How healthy is an infrared cabin? Is an infrared cabin safe? What are infrared radiators? How do infrared radiators affect the body? We have taken a close look at these questions and explain the most important details in this article.

A sauna for home - is it worth it?

Is the purchase of a sauna worth it?

Our health is priceless. For many people, owning their own sauna means pure happiness in life. Unlike in a public sauna, here you are your own master. Of course, this results in many other advantages. But is such a purchase worthwhile for the home?

What to do for dry and rough skin?

Does sauna help against rough skin?

A touch of warmth, the scent of wood and the pleasant feeling on the skin – the sauna has been a place of relaxation and recreation for centuries. But in addition to relieving stress and promoting blood circulation, the question also arises: can the sauna also help against rough skin?

Hot climate against borrelia

Sauna for Lyme borreliosis

Ticks are lazy crawlers and rightly very unpopular. If bitten, serious health problems can result. Can a visit to the sauna be useful or even beneficial to health? We got to the bottom of this question for you.